exceed rc

  1. stephane crepeault

    maxstone crawler 1/5

    anyone with a maxstone crawler???
  2. D

    1/5th Giant Scale Exceed RC Hannibal 30cc Gas-Engine

    Does anyone have this brand or know any info re: quality, performance?
  3. P

    Exceed Hannibal hop up parts, where they at?

    As title states. Looks like only NitroRX offers parts for these things and the pricing is crazy stupid. So far the truck I bought used is running well although I already had to change the gears. Anyone have any places where I find aftermarket parts for these or any recommendations of anything...
  4. K

    Getting a exceed hannibal

    I am thinking of buying a Hannibal or rampage mt in my research I have found that both trucks have same parts also the redcat dunerunner has same shock towers and shocks both are the same as truck only thing is Hannibal has plastric gears but sends extras also the wheel base is longer on...
  5. S

    does anyone know if this engine will fit mt 1/5 scale exceed hannibal truck?

    Chung Yang CY29RC engine (35mm bore, 30mm stroke - 28.9cc) with Walbro WT-668 carb. Includes 54mm inner clutch assembly pre-installed. Ready to bolt-on. 3.5 horsepower. Similar design to the Zenoah G230RC/G260RC - 4 transfer port hp cylinder, single ring piston, double sided finned flywheel, and...
  6. S

    need help finding an engine for 1/5 scale hannibal exceed brand

    i found some good deals at daves discount moters and wondering if one of thier 29cc engines will fit my hannibal. there seems to be 3 or 4 diffrent 29cc engiens, does anybody know if any of them will fit properly? also wondering if a 4 bolt engine would fit as well, i seen some real good ones on...
  7. S

    Sold / Found exceed barca

    wanted to buy or trade for an exceed barca running or a roller. thanx steve
  8. C

    Anyone tried the new Exceed Models?

    :D Anyone tried the new Exceed Models? If so what did you think? Thanks from Cyrus
  9. N

    Exceed Hannibal VS Redcat Rampage MT???

    anybody know if that exceed hannibal is any good? i want to buy either the rampage mt or the hannibal. i see that the hannibal has a 30cc engine and the rampage has 26cc. but overall quality is a huge deciding factor along with ability to get parts fast, which makes me wonder if exceed and...
  10. gestein

    Exceed Barca

    Hello guys... Do you know anything about exceed barca? how is driving, what about spare parts?
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