1. Craig G.

    Icepick gets a new Victory pipe

    This pipe had been laying around my house for about 6 months. I ordered this Victory side mount from DDM thinking it was a rear mount! Total newbie 'looks killer, buy it!' tunnel vision. lol! I got it and actually held it all around my car thinking 'what is this?' I e mailed DDM and let them...
  2. Z.hb71

    What pipe for 34cc OBR in a HPI Baja 5b?

    So what pipe should I get? I'm planing on getting a 34cc obr or esp later this winter, an I want pipe suggestions. It's for a Baja 5b, not a 5t so it can't be some crazy cross over pipe or something. I'd like a rear mount preferably but side pipe would be ok too.
  3. dirby

    silenced or un-silenced exhaust

    So which would be a better pipe the silenced one or the un silenced one?
  4. bigdipperfred

    Exhaust recommendations for Losi 5t 2.0?

    Any thoughts . and recommendations for exhaust.Zenoah 32 cc engine for all a round use.
  5. MisterK71

    Exhaust vibrating loose

    New to the large scale cars, just got my Losi DBXL and installed a JetPro pipe, vibrated off the manifold twice and melted the silicone connector tube. Any advice as to how to stop the manifold from vibrating off? I am thinking about drilling holes in the allen screws and running safety wire...
  6. John Parks

    Ceramic coating exhaust, to coat or not to coat

    What's everyone's thoughts on ceramic coating there exhaust? Or heat wrap? I can do either, both basically free, but is one better than the other? I have a victory big bore pipe and am looking to keep the heat down a little. Those who have done it, did you notice better performance or a loss...
  7. Steve Macdonald

    New $30 pipe works great

    I got this from Dan at King Motor: http://www.kingmotorrc.com/exhaust/aluminum-quiet-tuned-pipe/ Took 15 minutes to install. I used a bit of wire to hold it in place -- primitive but so far effective. The "Thor" pipe that came with the T1000A caused me some problems -- It tended to shake the...
  8. C

    Exhaust - Stock Vs Pipe

    Hey All, I have a Losi DBXL that I bought used, and when I got it, there were some basic mods done to it. These included a tuned pipe (think its a dominator,not sure). Also the mill was upgraded to 29cc, and I am not sure the engine was replaced or whether its just had the 'bore upgrade' I...
  9. MonkeyWrench

    Do aluminum 1/5 scale tuned pipes exist?

    I am looking for a nice and light aluminum pipe for my 5ive T with stock 29cc. Do these exist? Is there a reason they are not common? To me it makes more sense to have a lighter pipe. Plus, aluminum is LOUDER!!! More fun for my neighbors!
  10. Rabidfox50

    Ceramic / High temp paint on pipe?

    Thinking of painting the pipe on my T1000 when it arrives. I hate chrome, always have. Any problems if I do?
  11. Phil90

    FG exhaust

    Hi im new here and i am restoring and old fg 2wd onroad and i want a dual exhaurst on it and i thougt of useing to nitro exhaust can i do that or ? Thx for the help
  12. F

    Exhaust options

    hi everyone, i own a FG-TR4 and would be happy to get some opinions on what kind and make exhaust i should get. iam currently running on stock CY29cc and also have a brand new Zenoah 29cc which iam planing to mount it on in the near future. As far as options that i have in mind, are the Samba...
  13. T

    Please help which pipe for 5T

    hi guys, Finally I got my Losi 5t delivered -:) and need to decide which silenced pipe to get for it. Thinking of getting the xp big bore silenced. Could you please help me out with your experience. I'll run the stock 29cc engine, and fitted the fid racing shaft guard so need something that fit...
  14. F

    What pipe?

    Anyone here know of a good tune pipe for FG on road? Has to be under $200 If you can help with some tips that would be great! Thanks
  15. M

    Tuned pipe

    I'm a noob to racing and bashing . I have a great time putting together the hpi baja 5t . I've put a ONB g340 on a 38 lbs 5t running 19/55 gears and used a DDM fast pipe because I like the rear exit. It's fast but not what I expected after I broke it in . Lots of midrange .I'm looking to change...
  16. R

    What Silenced pipe for fm 32cc motor

    Hello, I'm looking for some help on choosing a pipe for my Losi 5ive. I have a new 32cc full mod long block and prefer a silenced pipe to keep peice where I run my truck. I'm running 20/58. I appreciate your input. Aaron
  17. R

    Exhaust redirect

    I got the Losi tune pipe,can I cut the tip off and installed copper pipe to redirect the exhaust behind the rear left wheel, its 1/2 inch in diameter
  18. Stevendavis

    Dominator Pipe/Turtle Racing Air Box Install

    Here's a vid of a mod needed to use the dominator pipe with the turtle racing air box on the Losi 5. Use the link in the description to view part 2.
  19. D

    Best pipe for the new fg beetle

    Hi guy's can you please advise me to which tuned pipe would be best for the fg beetle?:rolleyes:
  20. S

    Breather pipe

    Hi gents seen a couple of petrol caps with a breather valve on. Are these custom or can I purchase from somewhere?
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