fg marder

  1. L

    Fg 4wd front diff grease?

    I'm currently rebuilding my fg monster/marder with a 4wd kit and it doesn't include any differential grease. What do you suggest to start with? I would like it to be pretty free but a tiny bit locked in the front and a lot more locked in the rear, since I get a lot of uneven spin on loose...
  2. Malimba

    FG Marder

    Hi, new to this forum and new with Gas powered Rc cars, only driven 1/10 and 1/8 Nitro. But bought this car from a guy in Norway because he couldnt get it to start, hope that is an easy fix. Looking at options to upgrade it to 4x4 down the line, but will see how it runs once I get to work with...
  3. M

    Servo for FG Marder

    Hi I'm new to 1/5 scale and just wondering if any one can help me out with the servo set up as my fg marder ain't got any that's what I got cheers for the help
  4. Imran Hussain

    fg marder starting problems

    hi mate need some advice can you tell me why my marder will one day start with a couple of pulls but the next day it wont start up again. have not messed with any of the needles. thanks
  5. C

    Fg marder magura brakes

    Hi guys i have got a magura hydro brake setup to fit on my marder but i am missing the 2 banjo bolts for the calipers. I have searched for a supplier for them but no luck. They are the red calipers and the thread size is m5. Can anybody help with this please. Thanks in advance
  6. Imran Hussain

    fg marder

    hi i am new to rc petrol cars and i need your help please. recently purchased a used fg marder from this guy who showed me the marder running and everything and told me not to mess with the carb settings as it was tuned, he is a rc car enthusiast. anyway got it home and ran it a few times and it...
  7. R

    Body shell for Fg marder

    Hi, New to large scale rc, I have purchased an old Fg marder which requires a new body shell. Anyone know what body shell will fit original body shells are very expensive, would any 1/8 shells fit?
  8. KrizT

    Sold / Found Fg Marder Wanted

    Im looking to buy a clean Fg marder budget around £300 in the Wirral area I may travel but not too far thanks or post if possible cash waiting
  9. MonsterAir

    Calling All Hopped Up Marder Owners!

    This is my rear shock tower. Does yours line up right or is it slanted like mine? Really makes reassembling the a-arms a pia.
  10. MonsterAir

    Laying Marder Motor Down

    If possible I'd like to try and tackle this during the off season. Have no problem spending some money on custom mounts and maybe gears but what to do about the exhaust is the question. All of the onroad cars with forward facing motors I have seen have the side exhaust which I don't think is...
  11. MonsterAir

    Marder Goes OnRoad!

    Had the buggy on some asphalt today. First run with my new grp tires. Finally went thru a trouble free tank! Now I can get into tweaking and tuning the car for different scenarios starting with onroad. I was not very impressed with my top speed and really have no reference to judge my...
  12. MonsterAir

    Sold / Found Not Your Ordinary Marder

    I'm selling my FG Marder w/ tons of goodies! Willing to ship anywhere but buyer will have to cover the shipping cost. Any questions just ask, asking $2400 for everything! Upgrades and Extras- ESP Championship 27.2 motor w/ a OBR 27.2 head on it. Ceramic bearings installed -668 carb w/...
  13. MonsterAir

    FG Marder Striped Bass Edition Sand Buggy!

    Since I spend most of my time on or near the sand it only made sense to rig my buggy for sand bashing. I had planned to do some speed testing today but shortly after this vid the screw for my steering servo horn fell out. This area was filled with ruts from 4x4's and mixed stones in the...
  14. M

    anyone help with fitting g270rc engine into my fg marder

    having trouble getting it to line up
  15. M

    having trouble fitting a g270rc into my fg marder

    any suggestions nothing seems to line up e.g engine mounts and exhaust
  16. MonsterAir

    Marder Shock Springs. What lengths?

    I'm a bit confused on which length spring I need for my Marder. Just ordered a set of 20mm shocks and can't figure out which springs I need. I've found 50mm and 60mm for the fronts and 90mm and 100mm for the rears. Both say they fit the Marder but it leaves me confused. What's gonna be the...
  17. U

    FG Marder Barkes

    Does it matter if the Hydraulic brakes are fitted in the front or rear Anyone had any experience with trying both ways Thank you in advance
  18. MonsterAir

    Marder Body Question

    Is there any other bodies besides the bug and Marder body that will fit the Marder? I'm diggin that mini cooper body.
  19. MonsterAir

    Marder Race Front End

    If I put the front upper wishbones from the Marder Race on my Marder would I also have to change the lowers as well? Thanks
  20. S

    Sold / Found Fg marder body

    Looking for a fg marder body, pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks
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