fg marder

  1. S

    How to Marder gear plate bearings and clutch

    FG Marder Is it best to locktite new gearplate bearings into the gearplate to stop them turning in the housing? Any advice on clutch springs, or where can I read on web? ie Performance difference with normal / red / blue springs Thanks
  2. G

    Tuned marder Beetle

    Hello my friends. I live in Sweden and have found this marder on youtube. Iám very interested in what mods he have done on this car.The car looks very wide and the suspension behave almost like a HPI baja. The wishbone in the front and rear most be longer then the marder´s. I have lookt on...
  3. ste77_2008

    FG marder hop ups

    due to now keepin the marder gonna gradually hop it up. what would you all reccommend for this buggy. got 70-100 quid to start with the upgrading. what is the most important hops to do first. nothin is wrong with it and it runs just fine, but i like the idea of gettin a good pipe for it.
  4. ste77_2008

    For sale Fg Marder

    Fg Marder with 26cc petrol engine great compression. lookin to sell this due to gettin summat bigger and better lol, this will bo sold with out tx/rx. it will come with the original bashing shell that has seen better days and a custom psinted shell that has not been on the mareder yet and will...
  5. ste77_2008

    fg marder steering servo

    seemed ok the other day worked fine, took out the marder today and no steering at all. any ideas what has happened cheers.
  6. S

    Fg marder wanted norwich norfolk uk

    I am looking for a reasonable condtion Marder. I have FG Monster nearly full alloy. NOw lookin to get Marder to add to my collection.
  7. Brucie

    Factory/Standars carb settings for Zen23 marder.

    Hi all, I've just gone to start my marder for the first time since getting it, but it wont start :censored: Its got a good spark and its getting fuel, so I'm wondering if my mates kids have been tinkering with the carb settings while it was sitting at his place. Does anyone know how to...
  8. Brucie

    Info needed ! Whats needed to fit a beetle shell to a marder.

    Beetle shell on a marder !! I really fancy using a beetle shell on my marder but would like to know whats actually involved ! Has anyone got pics or helpful info ? Cheers, Lee
  9. Brucie

    How do I identify which eng I have in my marder

    Just wondering If anyone can help me work out which eng I have in the marder I have just got (second hand) All I know is that its a Zenoah acording the the sticker on the side - Hope someone can shed some light my way so I know what exhaust I can fit (as cheap as poss)...
  10. BrawnFG

    Review of Jetpro Pipe (FG Marder/ Baja)

    As I have previously run my FG Baja with the stock can, and a £40 aluminium Chinese copy of the FG/Samba type pipe (see here) I feel reasonably well qualified to do a review of the Jetpro Marder/Baja pipe that I bolted on to the car this evening. I've put this thread here because I figured that...