fg marder

  1. S

    Marder Shock help

    Well today i was looking at my marder and i saw that my rear shock's don't oil in them. So i want to know what weight should i use??? For drag racing
  2. KauseKaos

    Good Marder Tire Setup?

    http://www.rc-car-online-shop.de/cgi-bin/cosmoshop/lshop.cgi?action=showdetail&artnum=y0617&wkid=13472&ls=e&nocache=1295486992-19652 Would this be a good setup to get? I don't have stock marder tires.
  3. KauseKaos

    would you sell marder to get baja 5sc?

    Ok I've had my Marder for some time now but I haven't really bashed it cause I'm worried about breaks. FG parts aren't that easy to come by at local shops. Always have to order and wait. I hate waiting. I've always been interested in the baja just never pulled the trigger. Then the 5t came out...
  4. B

    fg marder manual with all the parts and numbers

    does anyone know where i can get fg marder race manual with all part numbers and a pictures of the parts
  5. voo2doo

    Marder,MT/MB alloy.

    I've got an alloy gear carrier,brake with upgrade disc,pair of mounts too for sale PM me for price. J Oh,uppper front arms,lower front arms,alloy bulk head.
  6. Trip

    Victory RC Marder pipe

    Can someone post up some clear pics with a Marder body and wing installed. Beetles are OK as long as the body is out of the way. I am trying to see how the pipe looks mounted, how much of the Marder body needs to be hacked away. I would also like to see how they perform and sound. Vids are...
  7. Trip

    Marder suspension tuning tips needed.

    I have a Marder clone but all the suspension parts have been switched to FG plastics The only thing Chinese is the body and chassis plate. Anybody have a good baseline setup for front and rear camber and toe for general off-roading. Springs? I have been hearing about "Balloon" springs, can...
  8. voo2doo

    FG Marder,front ,rear,pipe. for sale.

    Front end,excellent needs a scrub.70.00 posted. rear end,excellent needs a scrub 70.00 posted. Pipe ,few dents and scratches 45.00 posted. Manifold included but not shown. J
  9. L

    New marder build

    How we all doing? I'm new here and to rc pretty much, hav just completed a marder build well as iv found out already it's never really complete is it lol!!!:rolleyes: however thot I wld share my experience so far. I bought a second hand marder in a reasonably good condition and as soon as I...
  10. P

    marder tire replacement

    A bit of advice please, what's the best method of removing tyres from the rims on a marder? Fronts are standard, rears are the wider ones if it makes a difference. Also, any recomendations on what type of tyre to replace them with and the best place to get them, thanks Paul.
  11. chatham44

    fg marder

    where can i get a set of Drive shaft boots for the ball drives on my fg marder?? i was told to get the fire hammer ones they are cheaper ??? and the part number will be great to thanks guys
  12. H

    fg marder

    i haven't been here for ages now, been busy lol i got my marder built now loks good and gose even better, snow is good foir spinning it in , will get some pics here soon show you lot how it looks before it gets to gritty lol merry christmas to you all and ill be back before long to get pics...
  13. foxy

    fg marder oversteer

    took my marder out other day when going round corners it just spins out could this be a setting on my dx3 or the alloy shocks that i have just fitted all round:w00t:
  14. Trebor

    new wide slicks on wide marder wheels

    as the title says a pair of 80mm wide slicks on white marder wheels these where factory mounted for me for sale at less than half price for £50 GBP + shipping K....
  15. pacman696

    marder carb

    hi all I've been trying to tune my engine,but when i adj the h jet for higher revs it stops and starts as if I'm tapping the throttle ,i have swapped the carb with my other marder and it does the same?? can anyone help thanks Phil
  16. C

    marder 26cc VW Toureg shell

    Hi just joined the forum so that i could post this on here. So here is my FG marder, it has a 26cc engine, K'n'N Air filter and a VW toureg shell and undertray . Thats about it really. haven't used it myself as its not really practical for me so it has to go:crying: i know it will be fast...
  17. dwarfy

    Marder Set Up

    Found this thread whilst trawling thru the archives. SB Racing on post 4 gives what seems like a good setup & shock oil advice for a starting point anyway. Im gonna set mine up to that this weekend and hopefully get out to give it a run before Christmas if the weather is kind :rolleyes...
  18. C

    FG Marder body shell, cable brake setup, bumpers, radio box

    Hi guys im after an FG Marder body shell FG Marder cable Brake setup FG Marder front and rear bumpers, preferably chrome but at the min i want it to go so ill take anything FG Marder Radio box
  19. KauseKaos

    Converting My Marder To A MT5

    I sold my MT5 because i was gonna get a 4wd sportsline. But since i moved i would rather a MT5 again. So besides the shocks, front setup, wheels and side rails what else do i need. I'm not worried about gears cause i will still be using my two speed for now.
  20. roofchopper

    sandrail tube chassis for the marder

    converted sandrail chassis for fg running gear, longer w/b, will also make some tube arms to get a wider track