fg modellsport

  1. Malimba

    FG Marder

    Hi, new to this forum and new with Gas powered Rc cars, only driven 1/10 and 1/8 Nitro. But bought this car from a guy in Norway because he couldnt get it to start, hope that is an easy fix. Looking at options to upgrade it to 4x4 down the line, but will see how it runs once I get to work with...
  2. DougStar

    Doug`s Bug ( monster beetle pro )

    so i have a new rig FG monster beetle pro RTR about a month back bought my first upgrade for it(y) now just need the rest of it to get going:ROFLMAO:(y)
  3. neeper

    Help with rear suspension setup

    When comparing the angle of front arms and rear arms angles, the rear arms of my marder don't drop down as far as the front. For troubleshooting I've removed the long limiting screw on the rear upper arms but the arms didn't not drop any lower. I think my turnbuckles need to be adjusted but not...
  4. Andyc11971

    Fg baja 4wd 2 speed transmission

    Hi all I have a fg baja 4wd and I want to fit a 2 speed transmission to it can anyone tell me how it's done or any pics would be a great help. Many thanks Andy
  5. madgreek

    WTB Mercedes C291 Body for FG

    Looking for a new or in mint condition Mercedes Benz C-291 body. Thanks
  6. M

    FG F1 Project

    Hello Been working on my F1 for a few months now, almost done got most of my parts from DDM just need to find some Tires and figure out what pipe to get, not doing any racing just running in parking lots. Kind of hard car to build from ground up. I cut out the drivers area I'm waiting on my...
  7. F

    FG Monster truck tires

    Hello I have an fg monster truck 4wd wb 535 that came from the factory with soft tires all around. FG produces 2 more compounds medium and hard. Which compound would you suggest medium or hard? I'm just bashing for fun on almost all type of terrain. I have in mind a set of tires that last long...
  8. B

    Fg monster truck issue

    Hey guys My friend has a FG Monster truck seems to be having issues It has tuning front brakes cable ..hitec with 180 oz running rear stock brake and disc....wasn't pulling very good...front or rear...he adjusted them and seems to be braking better.... But now if he shuts radio off , truck...
  9. M

    FG TR4 problem

    HI, i need some help and advice. i own a FG TR4, my problem is with a small bump the front driving shaft come off from the wheel shaft. any suggestions on how to modify these parts? regards mike
  10. voo2doo

    Post your FG pictures here.

    Post all your pictures of the FG's here.Nothing else just FG please.
  11. D

    How do the fg monster truck tires wear?

    Hey just wondering on how they wear? Im thinking on putting them on my baja 5b but i want to make sure that theyre gonna be a good purchase. Its between the fg tires and hostile mx tires. Any input on wear of the tires would be appreciated.
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