fg monster truck

  1. L

    Best air filter that doesn't clog?

    I currently have the stock foam filter on my fg monster, but it gets clogged real fast with dust and grass. Any recomendations for an air filter or other solution so that it doesn't clog as fast? A bit tired of the washing and oiling procedure I have to do so often. Thanks.
  2. L

    G260rc Air leaks.

    Yesterday I was driving my Fg monster with a g260rc just for fun. I was driving down the field at near max rpm when the engine started sounding a bit off. It would idle at really high rpm and bogg down when throttle was applied. What I can get out of it is an air leak. The carb, fuel lines and...
  3. L

    Fg monster fuel lines.

    I have an old fg monster with leaky fuel lines. It has a soft black tube witch seems to be the inlet tube (connects to the bottom of the carb) and a harder yellow one that is the overflow tube (connected next to primer bulb) . This seems completely counterintuitive for me. Is there something I'm...
  4. L

    Fg 4wd front diff grease?

    I'm currently rebuilding my fg monster/marder with a 4wd kit and it doesn't include any differential grease. What do you suggest to start with? I would like it to be pretty free but a tiny bit locked in the front and a lot more locked in the rear, since I get a lot of uneven spin on loose...
  5. Wheels

    My FG monster truck won't move

    My FG monster truck won’t move under power, new clutch new gear wheels check grub screws new drive shaft, plenty of throttle so not carb, can anyone help Please Did run fine for a few mins then stopped and just reveverd, that’s why I replaces all the cogs shaft etc cost me 200 but still doing same
  6. F

    FG Monster truck tires

    Hello I have an fg monster truck 4wd wb 535 that came from the factory with soft tires all around. FG produces 2 more compounds medium and hard. Which compound would you suggest medium or hard? I'm just bashing for fun on almost all type of terrain. I have in mind a set of tires that last long...
  7. B

    Fg monster truck issue

    Hey guys My friend has a FG Monster truck seems to be having issues It has tuning front brakes cable ..hitec with 180 oz running rear stock brake and disc....wasn't pulling very good...front or rear...he adjusted them and seems to be braking better.... But now if he shuts radio off , truck...
  8. Q

    WTB FG monster truck 4x4

    Hi I live in Sweden and the market för 1/5 scale is pretty small. I am looking för à FG monster truck 4x4 even a broken one or a kit. Would prefer the comp. Edition but it no demand HD
  9. Wicked

    CNR alloy rims for FG Monster truck

    Hey guys, I never thought I would sell these but with the toys fund a little slim I need some cash to work on a few trucks I just picked up. They are almost impossible to find. Saying "almost impossible" only because you are looking for a set right now. The rims and tires are in good...
  10. E

    WTB Fg monster truck body new or used

    Hello looking for a decent used or a new shell for my monster truck , also any links to a UK supplier of fiberglass bodies, cheers Euan.
  11. briancaveman2003

    fg monster truck

    fg monster truck alloy ajustable shocks on rear . steel gears fitted all round flysky controller +switchblade killswitch fitted shell almost mint. samba exhaust +15kg throttle servo fitted +plus wheelie bar also chrome front bumper fitted 2 batteries £500 collection only or swop for hpi baja...
  12. tizdaz

    FG Monster Truck wheels - Full Set

    Genuine FG Monster Truck Wheels - Set of 4 Lots of tread left on tires, all squares in good condition, however 1 of the wheels has a small crack on the rim, hence the low price! (see last pic) but this doesn't effect performance. The other 3 wheels have no damage & are in good condition. A...
  13. briancaveman2003

    WTB KCR004 fg monster truck front bullbar

    looking for a fg bullbar KCR004 for my fg monster truck will swop my alloy shocks witch are for sale in for sale section
  14. N

    cheaper to build fg monster truck from ebay or buy complete 2nd hand??

    hey guys well i already have a hpi 26cc fueile engine and two high torgue spare digital servos. So basically what i im thinking is it going to work out cheaper to buy the parts seperatly second hand on ebay or just buy a second hand monster truck? if i can pick up a used monster truck for about...
  15. briancaveman2003

    4 fg monster truck shocks

    as above fg monster truck shocks all good working order £25 posted uk only
  16. briancaveman2003

    WTB fg monster truck diff

    looking for a ajustable diff for my monster truck
  17. D

    FG Monster Truck options

    picking up a FG monster truck 4wd this upcoming week. i plan to do general bashing not hardcore and no racing. im grabbing the ARTR and fitting with my own radio-servo gear. Any servo reccomendations? im considering the hi tec 5805mg for steering? should i run dual servos instead of 1? i...
  18. briancaveman2003

    WTB fg monster truck brake pads

    fg monster truck brake disc and pads fg monster truck standared brake disc and pads
  19. briancaveman2003

    WTB fg monster truck wheelie bar

    as above fg monster truck wheelie bar twin or single please pm me
  20. briancaveman2003

    fitted samba to my fg monster truck

    fitted samba pipe to my fg monster truck just fitted new jeep shell next paint. cost me £53 posted
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