1. L

    Best air filter that doesn't clog?

    I currently have the stock foam filter on my fg monster, but it gets clogged real fast with dust and grass. Any recomendations for an air filter or other solution so that it doesn't clog as fast? A bit tired of the washing and oiling procedure I have to do so often. Thanks.
  2. DougStar

    How to remove outerwear logos

    When I built my Losi 5ive-B, I bought some outerwear pre-filters, as we all do. After a bit of a strip down thought I'd give them a wash(y) it says washable on the package. Remove the cover. Fill the sink luke warm water. Add a sprinkle of washing powder. Lightly rub outerwears to remove...
  3. James H.

    Better Prefilter??

    Does anyone know of a better prefilter (outerwears) that will more snuggly fit the K&N airfilter?? The outerwears prefilter i have doesn't really grab the back of the filter that well. Its very loose on the carb side of the filter. I do have some pantyhose on the filter and then the outerwear...
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