1. L

    Fg monster fuel lines.

    I have an old fg monster with leaky fuel lines. It has a soft black tube witch seems to be the inlet tube (connects to the bottom of the carb) and a harder yellow one that is the overflow tube (connected next to primer bulb) . This seems completely counterintuitive for me. Is there something I'm...
  2. GoneRogue

    Fuel tank hole lid not threading caps properly

    Hey guys My rovan Baja fuel tanks leaking and im pretty sure it's because the caps aren't screwing I'm properly, anyone else have this issue and is there a solution other then buying a new tank?
  3. B

    Fuel mixture advice?

    Currently have a vekta 5 with a Zenoah G34 ported motor. Right now I'm running 28:1 Fuel mixture, I drove it this weekend and within five minutes the plug blew. plug looked pretty dark when I took it out, I wondering if I should be running a richer fuel mixture LIKE 25:1 or maybe the truck is...
  4. WildmanXL

    Gas Noob Need Help!

    Hi All, New to gas trucks. A few weeks back picked up a Losi MTXL. Was waiting on the Killer RC Super Bee kill switch before I even tried to run it. Well few nights ago installed the switch. Fueled it up with a tank of 25:1 ethanol free gas. Turn it on, and nothing but pull, pull, pull...
  5. W

    Fuel clunk

    Does this look normal to you guys? Is it me or is this cheaply made? A washer to hold the outer filter? [emoji848]
  6. W

    Fuel leak

    How are you guys dealing with the stock tank and or cap leaks? Even the top rubber grommet where the two fuel hose comes out leaks. It's getting annoying at this point. Replacing it might sound better then doing any mods to it. But I need advise if there's any simple solution to this. Thank you
  7. R

    head gasket replacement

    What's everyone's thoughts on using RTV as a head gasket? Is this reliable method or throw the idea out the window?
  8. crankestein

    Pull start DIY dust cover & fuel cap mod

    I own both, the X2 and a KM Baja, the 4WD engine location makes it enough to only use a outerwear. No matter where the truck is bashed the pull start back of the engine is protected as it is centralized in the chassis. On the Baja the engine is part of the chassis support, like a puzzle, and it...
  9. K

    24:1 gas and oil mix help

    Hey all, I'm new here. I own a losi five t and it's my first 5th scale RC. When I was pouring a liter of gas, spilt. So I wasn't sure how much gas I added additionally. It was close to 1L before the little spill I had. After that I added 40ml of oil. Some of it didn't go through this funnel I...
  10. S

    Normal to leak gas?

    Is it normal for the tank to leak gas if the buggy is tilted to its side? I remember even reading in the manual, they say not to lean it or tilt it to the side of the gas cap because it could leak. This doesn't sound normal to me. Any mods you guys have made so it doesn't leak?
  11. T

    1/5 scale gasser in South Florida?

    I am looking to get into 1/5 gassers, looking at a baja or something fast / not sure what yet. The issue is I had to move to South Florida (Coral Springs area) and I do not see much space to run these things... Can anyone offer any insight to the 5th scale scene here?
  12. D

    1/5th Giant Scale Exceed RC Hannibal 30cc Gas-Engine

    Does anyone have this brand or know any info re: quality, performance?
  13. S

    Cylinder head gasket

    I am changing a broken gasket between cylinder head and the bottom end on my 26cc 2 bolt engine. the one I am changing to is a copper 0.50mm one. Does anybody recommend using a sealant along with the new gasket.
  14. P


    Hi i'm new to this Forum, so hello i'm Paul. I have just purchased a second hand Smartech Uno with no instructions or anything. I am new to the petrol scene as an owner of 5 Tamiya vintage cars. I was hoping that someone could give me a clue as to what fuel to put in my Smartech? I really have...
  15. S

    Engine Gaskets

    Does anyone know where i can get gaskets for the stock 26cc engine on the losi 5ive t? I think i have found the part numbers, but not sure where i can get parts from.. r5030 -- Losi Cylinder Gasket 26cc-- x1 r5031 -- Losi Exhaust Gasket Set 26cc x1 r5033 -- Losi Carburetor Mounting...
  16. Z

    Cylinder gasket

    Has anybody ran a motor with just three bond or a liquid gasket maker instead of a paper or copper gasket on a cylinder ?
  17. D

    Rovan 305FC 30.5cc Gas RTR Porsche 911

    Does anyone have any info re: this rovan on road car just wanted to know about it's quality or lack of?:)
  18. D

    Rovan 305FC 30.5cc Gas RTR Porsche 911

    Does anyone have any info on this car? just wanted to know about it's quality?;)
  19. D

    Rovan 305FC 30.5cc Gas RTR Porsche 911

    Does anyone have info on this rc from rovan. Just wondering about the quality?;)
  20. R

    How much fuel tanks

    hello guys How much Fuel tanks must end until the motor is over ? i talk about the Kingmotor baja 5b Thank you for help
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