1. Basher5iveT420

    HELP with Futaba 4PV

    I need help here with Setting up some LIGHTS on ch.4 On a Futaba 4PV - I want to know how I can turn the lights ON & OFF with the remote. I have my Kill switch on channel 3 Lights are set up on channel 4 Using the “ SWITCH “ function in the 4PV I’m able to set up P1 or P2 button to kill my...
  2. bajaMaster567

    Need Help! How to setup killswitch with KM Baja 5b and Futaba 3pv transmitter

    Hello, I am new to the baja community.I have a 5th scale gas baja and a futaba 3pv remote.I went out the other day to install the kill switch. Once everything was put done I tested it out and I set the kill switch to the manual switch on the 3PV remote.The switch works wonderfully and turns the...
  3. 1Coopgt

    Configure Futaba 4PLS fail safe?

    Here come the questions. So I installed the new Receiver into my car along with a Killer Bee Super bee kill switch. I plugged the Superbee into Channel3 . Did the bind sequence and when I flip the switch on channel 3 the Superbee does it's thing . Great ! Now I'm to the part where I need to set...
  4. Rcmadman1020

    Deciding on radio gear!!

    Hey guys I am in the process of building a mental Baja ss buggy. I have spent around $3000 including the buggy itself. I run my other models off my faithful DX3S but want to maybe switch to the dark side. I was looking at a Futaba 7PX radio system... I would like to know for my Baja SS is that...
  5. Whoduh

    New Futaba 1/5 Scale Servo. FUTABA BLS373SV

    FUTABA BLS373SV Page is translated from German FEATURES · Powerful S.BUS2 digital servo with metal gearbox · Hi-Voltage · Brushless motor · Ball bearing · Robust aluminum housing · High resolution · High repeat accuracy · Low-wear potentiometer · Water protected TECHNICAL...
  6. Peteolheadz100

    Futaba 3pv switch for killswitch?

    have the Futaba 3pv radio and wonder what switch can I use for activating the remote kill switch any help would be appreciated I do have a switch on the side that when I push it it has plus 100 and when I push it back down it says negative 100 if I connect the kill switch to that when it's on...
  7. E

    Programming Futaba 4PLS

    I installed the 4PLS transmitter and receiver on my MT, "great radio" on the old set up when I turned the radio off with the receiver on it would set the brakes. How do I program this one to do the same-thanks for the help.
  8. MrFnisse

    New Futaba 3PV or used Futaba 4PK Super-R ?

    So I am getting another Losi and need another Transmitter. Like the title says go for a new 3PV (already have one of these for my other Losi) or go for the used 4PK Super-R in good used condition. Kind Regards John
  9. MrFnisse

    Issue with super-bee and a Futaba 3PV

    So started yo my Losi 5ive-T for the first time today. And noticed my Super Bee was not working as I was used to. On my FG truck with a cheap Fly Sky radio it works properly. Kills engine when I activate channel 3 or the power is cut from the receiver chain or when the transmitter is turned off...
  10. Whoduh

    Futaba Hits Back With the 7PX

    This is translated from another site. Being that this teaser they release is really sparse on info, what features would you like to see on this radio? How do you think this will stack up against the Spektrums...DX6R and DX5R? Futaba 7PX ... scheduled to be listed in July 2017! Futaba is now...
  11. V

    4px rpm sensor

    Well i got the temp and rpm sensors hooked up. Made a bracket off the coil for the rpm sensor but it's reading 350 rpm at idle instead of 3500 :/ any ideas?
  12. W

    Futaba 3PM-FM

    Hi all. I have this radio laying around and was wondering if this radio is better than the stocker that the KM t1000 gt comes with. If it is what receiver would be compatible with the 3pm? And since it's a Futaba I would like Futaba servo's to keep everything compatible with each other. What...
  13. S

    Killswitch w/lights on a Futaba 3PK??

    Here is my question....I will be using the 3rd channel on the rx for my killswitch. it is not a Killer Rc switch. Can I connect with a Y harness on the 3rd channel the killswitch and lights? Also if I did connect both, the aux button on the Tx will kill the engine and turn on the lights? Or do i...
  14. myrcbud

    Futaba 3PM-X Question

    I wanna be able to steer (pretty important), brake, throttle and use a killer bee kill switch all with a Futaba 3PM-X. Here's the catch, I want the throttle and brake to work on a separate servo if I select the 3rd channel, which in case 1 servo if I don't select 3rd channel and vise versa. Is...
  15. J

    Futaba 3gr advice

    Hi All I am looking at buying a second had Futaba 3gr 2.4ghz any advice or has anyone got set for sale ???
  16. U

    Futaba 4PKS supplier in UK?

    Anyone purchase a Futaba 4PKS from a UK supplier. I am looking for a reliable supplier Any other experience on UK purchase will be well come Thank as ever
  17. M

    Sold / Found Futaba 3pk transmitter muff

    I'm looking for a waterproof transmitter cover/muff as I'm going racing in Scotland in a couple of weeks. If anyone has one or could provide a link then it would be a big help. Mike
  18. S

    Which battery for Futaba reciever in car please

    Hello, I've been out of the scene for too long (nearly 8 years in fact), finally got the FG Comp outand now getting it ready. Just got a Futaba 3GR 2.4GHZ combo, but now unsure as to which battery I should use in the car, as the manual states 6v NiCAD, some people are using LiPO??? and...
  19. killermolly

    Sold / Found Futaba 2.4 FASST receiver

    All used Good case, good antenna R604FS $60 firm shipped in the 48
  20. killermolly

    Sold / Found Futaba PK-FSM2.4G Fasst Module + Receiver

    Very low used Futaba PK-FSM2.4G Fasst Module + R603FS Will fit 3PK & 3PKS (3PK super). $95 shipped
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