1. T

    G320 trouble

    Hey everybody, new to 5th scale and having trouble. Bought a new DBXL and immediately upgraded to a G320. Have dynamite kill switch installed too. Having no luck getting this thing started. Got spark, smelling fuel, rechecked carb settings, switched sparkplug, tried choke/no choke with not...
  2. V

    New bartolone racing motor is in

    Picked up a bartolone racing ported g320 for a discount. Very very strong running motor. Installed it along with his clutch carrier and chassis braces. All quality stuff. Runs great with his unsilenced pipe. Just breaking it in and it will spin all 4 tires in the driveway at half throttle.
  3. omalley72

    Air filter with G320

    I put in a brand new 320 and now my body panel won't fit without cutting. Any ideas? I'm running the stock air filter. My guess is the intake is a little thicker, pushing the carb out further. I really don't want to cut the panel.
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