1. R

    head gasket replacement

    What's everyone's thoughts on using RTV as a head gasket? Is this reliable method or throw the idea out the window?
  2. S

    Cylinder head gasket

    I am changing a broken gasket between cylinder head and the bottom end on my 26cc 2 bolt engine. the one I am changing to is a copper 0.50mm one. Does anybody recommend using a sealant along with the new gasket.
  3. S

    Engine Gaskets

    Does anyone know where i can get gaskets for the stock 26cc engine on the losi 5ive t? I think i have found the part numbers, but not sure where i can get parts from.. r5030 -- Losi Cylinder Gasket 26cc-- x1 r5031 -- Losi Exhaust Gasket Set 26cc x1 r5033 -- Losi Carburetor Mounting...
  4. Z

    Cylinder gasket

    Has anybody ran a motor with just three bond or a liquid gasket maker instead of a paper or copper gasket on a cylinder ?
  5. MonsterAir

    Can a Blown Gasket Do This?

    Just got my buggy all tuned up yesterday, running it a bit rich to keep the temp down with the heat we've been having and outta no where she started crawling away from me. Linkages aren't stuck and when I lift rear tires off the ground and give it gas she just wants to keep going until I lay her...
  6. Q

    No cylinder gasket questions

    I am rebuilding a Cy-f270. I have two questions: Anybody ever tried running a super thin layer of silicon and no cylinder gasket for better compression? I believe there is plenty of quench room to do this is that correct?
  7. G

    how available are gaskets?

    I lost the gasket that goes between the carb and the motor. Just wondering if a small engine repair shop would have one or do I have to order one. Cy 23cc
  8. P

    How To Replace A Cylinder Gasket?

    Terribly disappointing day! A nearly new 5B... as in 1 1/4 tanks of fuel and without getting into the crappy details, it has a blown cylinder gasket. Is there a tutorial or video on how to replace this? It looks obvious enough. I am just wondering if I can get away with removing the head (4...
  9. S

    30.5 cc gasket replacement

    I need to replace the cylinder gasket on my 30.5 cc KM Baja, DDM sells a bunch of different ones. what size copper gaskets would I need to replace the old paper ones?
  10. tizdaz

    walbro 813 gaskets?

    hi guys, ive bought a new 813 carb but i need new gaskets & insulator block to fix it to my engine head & the rear gasket that attatches it to my air filter, anyone know where i can get them please :) ? my old carb is the 608 & the gaskets look a different size to the 813 so i need to make...
  11. M

    Replacing diff gasket

    Hi there, i was just wondering do i need to replace the diff gasket if I am just opening it up just to check there is oil in it? Is it just a case of filling with oil and sealing it back up again? Is it a wise decision to do this on a new baja?
  12. U

    Gasket Sealant

    Any suggestion of a good gasket sealants Thank you as ever
  13. A

    shreadstack...2 gaskets?

    Hey guys, Just picked up a shreadstack and noticed it came with 2 gaskets, one has 4 holes and one has 2 holes. The 2-hole one speaks for itself, but I must be missing something because I'm not 100% sure where the 4-hole one comes in? Thanks!
  14. G

    fitting gasket set to zenoha g26

    hi ive got a full gasket set for my engine after its running problems, ive never stripped one of these engines before and need help, does engine need to be removed from car? a fg monster in this case?if so is this easily done? cheers
  15. Mirza

    Sold / Found Zenoah gasket

    23cc zenoah head gasket. UK-PayPal or cash
  16. GTS 666

    Head Gaskets

    Blew a head gasket on Saturday and in my haste to have a run on Sunday I made a gasket out of some thin cardboard same thickness a stock. I used sealer on it as usual for good measure. I didn't get time to run it on Sunday to see how long or if it would last at all but I was wondering if any had...
  17. CSR260

    engine gasket sealant

    as title say's so whats the best to get? cheers Andy
  18. CSR260

    Pipe Gaskets

    A bit pricey me thinks! Where else can i buy pipe gaskets? or can you buy a sheet of the stuff and make my own? Andy ;)
  19. tizdaz

    Piston ring & Head Gasket (Zenoah G260)

    hi guys :) im after a new piston ring & heavy duty head gasket for my Zenoah G260 (similar to this: ) theyve been on my engine for around 5 years now so think its time for a renew lol ^^ Any ideas where i can get them in uk! :s ?
  20. sperera

    replacing base gasket

    Ok so I replaced the base gasket on my G260 for the first time alone this week and am looking for re-assurance ive done it correctly. So i pulled the head off, cleaned the remnants of old gasket from crankcase and head, put new one in, squeezed the ring to make sure the break in ring was...
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