1. T

    Losi Five-t Bartolone 30.5cc Reed Case engine all alone.

    All alone at Dialed in RC Raceway with this beast.
  2. R

    360 Spin Mount GoPro on a Baja 5b...

    I'm very happy with the results on the first test of the £5 swivel mount I put together in about 10 minutes.... What do you think?
  3. tizdaz

    GoPro HD Hero2?

    hi guys :) whats the difference between the 3 types, Motorsports/outdoor & surfing, im guessing its only to do with the mount hardware & the camera for each is exactly same spec? Im thinking of getting one but not sure which has the best mounts for RC? any info much appreciated, ta! :)
  4. S

    GoPro Envy

    I really need to bite the bullet and save up for a Gopro but here is some footage from yesterday:) If you watch in HD it will be a bit clearer.
  5. J

    Worlds most power 5ive Brushless 1080P Gopro

    The video you've been waiting for is here.
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