1. NYCOBR47cc5iveT

    New Transmitter and Receiver Questions

    hi everyone, I’m new here. I just bought a new Losi 5ive-T with AVC. I am upgrading everything before I run it. All PhatDad driveline stuff, RCMax’s full 7075 version of 7075’s Pro Am Chassis, the 7075 RC Pro Am Front and Rear Diff housings, Billet CNC everything, upgraded servos, Crazy Stu’s...
  2. D

    HITEC Servo D951TW Wide Voltage Ultra Torque

    Does anyone have any information on this servo never heard or seen it before, popular in Europe.
  3. badazz1109

    Baja / Hitec 59805 wont fit

    Hey All, I have a Rovan Baja and ordered a HiTec 5805mg...it does not mount up to the original bracket...anybody know of an adapter that would fit or mod? Thanks
  4. MonsterAir

    HiTec HS-7980TH.... Feedback Needed

    I picked up one of these servo's in the spring time for my throttle/brake and it's been constant issues with it glitching. Right out of the packaging it gave me trouble. I had to wrap it well in electrical tape just to keep it from touching my alloy servo tray otherwise it glitches. Once the...
  5. R

    Sold / Found Wanted to buy: hitec 1000sgt servo kit for losi 5 & Baja skunkworks wrenches

    Hello: Looking to purchase the hitec 1000sgt kit for losi 5ive-T and BSW Baja skunkworks wrenches Located in USA Massachusetts
  6. Stevendavis

    Instruction Manual for the Hitec HS-1000?

    Can some one post the instruction manual for the Hitec HS-900 or 1000? Thanks.
  7. Stevendavis

    HiTEC HS-900SGS

    Any one running one of these in their 5ive T? How do they hold up? I know Hitec has the HS-1000 out now, but not much info on the HS-900 out there.
  8. C

    will hitec 805bb work for losi 5t

    Just wondering? Also is tokenawga servo any good?can get a new one for 150$ but how would I mount it?
  9. H

    Airtronics Rx and hitec HS-5765 servo

    I'm in the process of replacing my stock KM baja servo with the hitec 5765 was reading the info sheet and it says on there that if you plug a hitec s type servo into the old airtronics (Sanwa) Rx that you blow up the servo circuits,thing is I have the airtronics MT-4 radio and the airtronics...
  10. X

    hitec 7954 ticks

    hey I just bought a hitec 7954 for throttle/brake and a 5765 for my steering on my km 001,,, went for the stronger t/b servo cause I am going to be running integy type 3 cable brakes on front,, question,, installed both servos to radio box,, bound to my new flysky gt3b,,, and tested before...
  11. dhirsty

    Hitec servo meltdown

    Hi I've recently change my steering to alloy servo saver then took the fg out for about 10min then it stopped turning so I took the shell of and found the servo smoking and died the servo saver is the 1 with ball bearing to help with a soother steering Wot ave I done wrong??
  12. Wicked

    Sold / Found FS/FT: Hitec High Voltage Digital MG Giant Servo

    Bought this for my rampage but ending up selling the buggy. This servo has less then an hour on it. $70.00 Shipped.
  13. Killer RC

    Hitec 900SGS 1200oz servo

    The ultimate steering servo kit is now available for the Losi 5IVE. http://www.davesmotors.com/HRC34900-Hitec-HS-900SGS-Giant-Servo-for-Losi-5ive-HT900K
  14. J

    Sold / Found Hitec HS-5755MG

    Looking for one of these to pair up with another I have on the steering on my FG Baja. I have one away for repair at Model Radio Workshop, not holding out for a happy outcome. Cheers.
  15. N

    hey does anyone have a broken HITEC HS-5955TG for spares??

    hey guys sorry so long since i been on had health problems etc so not been getting online properly. I have damaged the spline on my hitec hs-5955tg because i tried to drill out the screw which attaches the servo horn to the actual servo. So ya i got the stork stuck and now that part is useless...
  16. briancaveman2003

    Sold / Found hitec hs-805BB steering servo

    hitec hs-805BB steering servo £28 posted price drop £25 posted or make me a offer
  17. jw32baggs

    hitec 7955

    ok my friend gave me a hitec 7955tg for my throttle/brake..the question is it came with no servo horn..what brand or size do i need..i have the hitec 5755 for steering but the horns are too big to fit..so what size horn do i need?i would like a aluminum one.
  18. H

    Hitec 5755 mounting problem

    i just received a new hitec 5755 servo, following the advice of several form contributors, indicating it is a good steering servo. so, the problem i just encountered id that the mounting flange is 1/4" narrower then the pre drilled holes. i am installing this servo in a hpi radio box. you guys...
  19. Johnston.jer

    Hitec replacements for stock km.

    What mods need to be done to install hitec servos in my new km baja? Do I need to buy a hpi stock radio box to use these? They are pretty cheap. Would consider it if there are heavy mods needed to the km box.
  20. D

    Hitec 5805 problem

    Hello, I have a Hitec 5805 servo for steering. The gears are 4pl, R2104GF, cc bec, a nanotech 7,4v lipo 1000mah. First time I'm using it, it works well. Until on Sunday two days ago, I had the problem. If I turn steering wheel slowly the servo works well but when I gave fast turn on steering...
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