hpi baja 5t

  1. DougStar

    D's HPI twin build

    As you lot know I have bought a dona hpi 5b ss as my next project ?? it's not a perfect car ? but all in all has all the base bit I'd need for a build This next pics is all of what my $290 got me Some hpi spare and a few km spares It also came some km disc brakes( gonna ditch them asap)...
  2. Z.hb71

    Z's HPI Baja 5b/5t build

    So here's my thread on my 71cc Baja 5t. I will be posting updates, problems, new mods, ect on my truck. If you don't know me or my truck, well, I'm a random dude who happens to be interested in engines and decided to take out the task of building a custom 71cc engine based off a Alx 71cc...
  3. 1Coopgt

    HPI Baja 5b to 5t conversion build begins

    So I had ordered a 5B to 5T conversion kit from King motors About a week and a half ago and recieved it last week . Yesterday I did the install . Not to bad. This morning I ordered the Grafil G-Virus body . That should be here in about 2 weeks . Next week I'll order the Chase cage and the other...
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