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hpi baja

  1. Z.hb71

    What pipe for 34cc OBR in a HPI Baja 5b?

    So what pipe should I get? I'm planing on getting a 34cc obr or esp later this winter, an I want pipe suggestions. It's for a Baja 5b, not a 5t so it can't be some crazy cross over pipe or something. I'd like a rear mount preferably but side pipe would be ok too.
  2. Z.hb71

    So what's the difference in these top plates?

    Was scrolling ddm as I do, and I see that there's 2 versions of the turtle racing front top plate for the Baja, a 5b and a 5t/5sc. What's the difference? When I converted my rov 5b to a 5t, I didn't have any issues regarding mounting the things. Is it some money making scheme?
  3. japhia42

    My HPI Baja 5B is done!

    Finally finished the 5B this morning. It’s been pretty fun to work on. New bearings, RPM arms, throttle and steering servos by Hitec, throttle/brake linkage upgrade. Also new air filter from DDM. Now to get to Hobbytown for some missing hardware and go get some fresh 93 octane!!
  4. svxwilson

    USED 5T "New" Gizmo 30.5 motor, Need help tuning

    Hello, First post here, I have recently revived my 1/5scale hobby in the last few months. I was shopping for a new motor for my Baja5b and ran across a used fully modded 5t with a ton of extras. So I bought both a new G320RC from DDM (absolutley love that motor) and the used 5T from ebay. The...
  5. dougstar

    Doug's hpi 5B SS

    I have just bought my first baja (y) It's a used 26 2 bolt with a pig tail pipe. Its gonna be shipped to me from up country so it's not in my hand just yet:unsure: getting the guy ship so it arrives on a day my wife is at work:LOL:(y) you know how it goes! As soon as I have it I'll photo bomb
  6. shoestring

    video of Baja 5R on oval bicycle track

    the track is 400 meters = 1312 feet or .248 miles. pretty cold makes for poor traction. looking forward to some warmer runs there. setup written in the video description:
  7. Smietana

    Baja noise - turtle pull starter?

    Hi, I've got some problem with, I suppose, turtle pull starter. Look at the videos please. Noise: Turtle pull starter inside: What can be wrong?
  8. C

    Question about running LIPO in Baja

    So I decided to switch my baja over to LIPO power for the extra servo power and overall performance boost. Ive been checking out LIPO packs fo purchase and have one question. How does the discharge rate make a difference? Batteries ive been considering all vary from a 30C disxharge all the way...

    Hpi 5b Track/Bashing shock setup

    Hello everyone would like info on my setup I have hpi 5b I have never really paid attention to my suspension setup I usually just bash anywhere that looks good but I recently started going to a local bmx dirt track in Aurora CO and was wondering if this set would give me more traction, good body...
  10. M

    Somewhat confused... Discontinued?

    Why are half the HPI Genuine spares for the Baja discontinued? They still sell the Baja so I don’t understand? Was looking on their site at the VVC/HD shocks but they’re discontinued by HPI according to them? I don’t need any I already have them, but I’m now curious. Any insight? Sent from...
  11. M

    Radio Box Tidyness...

    I’m looking at tidying my radio box up and wondered on a few things: 1) Has anybody ever shortened their servo/switch/etc leads to fit neatly and properly without loads of excess? I’ve been looking at a plug and pin set on eBay for just this reason... Any good? 2) if I wanted to Run a 7.4v...
  12. smurfer69

    gear cover ideas ?

    hi again guys ,any body got ideas to do something with spur gear cover , just bland n shit I could do some kind of pin stripping ,dunno bout that
  13. L

    Just purchased an all aluminum HPI Baja 5B

    Hi just picked up an all aluminum baja 5b little used but great deal lots of screws are stripped at head but will be asking lots of questions as 1/8 is largest I ever had.
  14. S

    HPI 5B Baja Gear Mesh Issue, New to Large Scale!!

    Hey all, new to this site and fairly new to large scale RC. I've been doing 1/10 and mostly 1/8th niteo and electric since I got my first "real" kit, theTamiya Frog, in 1997 or 1988 and have had probably around 50 rigs since, starting with electric, then qhennthe RC10GT came out went nitro with...
  15. E

    57cc gear ratios

    Hay guy I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have a 57cc engine in my baja 5b and am in need off a suitable gear ratio the stock ratio just isn't cutting it please help
  16. R

    Deciding on radio gear!!

    Hey guys I am in the process of building a mental Baja ss buggy. I have spent around $3000 including the buggy itself. I run my other models off my faithful DX3S but want to maybe switch to the dark side. I was looking at a Futaba 7PX radio system... I would like to know for my Baja SS is that...
  17. R

    Need help, fuelie 23cc low end bogging

    Hey firstly new to this site so Adam hear, I have a Hpi Baja 23cc stock standard. It starts, idles and reaches full throttle. What I need help is, the car runs fine apart from when you go from neutral straight to full throttle, it bogs down a little. Before it’s suggested, I have riched but by...
  18. R

    Hpi Baja 23cc stock HELP!!!

    Hey guys, I have a Hpi Baja 23cc stock standard. It starts, idles and reaches full throttle. What I need help is, the car runs fine apart from when you go from neutral straight to full throttle, it bogs down a little. Before it’s suggested, I have riched but by bit and leaned it off with both...
  19. evssv

    Clean and fixed Baja

    well I thought it was about time to fix me baj it suffered damage at bashfest in hat washer got ripped off servo saver on the oval of death so I lost me steering... :(.....20180611_175318 by evssv, on Flickr swingy pee sorted me another one he had with him...
  20. Elie.sader83

    Baja 5b wheels

    Hello guys, is it a good idea to install same size rear and front tires on a baja 5b 32cc 19/55 pinion/spur metal ? And how to avoid wheels from balooning ? Is there any benifits with alloy rims ? Thank you.