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  1. shoestring

    video of Baja 5R on oval bicycle track

    the track is 400 meters = 1312 feet or .248 miles. pretty cold makes for poor traction. looking forward to some warmer runs there. setup written in the video description:
  2. smurfer69

    HPI chassis

    hi guys is the hpi chassis generally good for general bashing ie strong I would like to strip it and respray it, is all the work worth it to keep it, I never hear much about knackered chassis !!
  3. N

    Anyone know what is the size of the flywheel key?

    Hi, here again for another question, would anyone know what is the size of the flywheel key? there is no local hobby shop from where I am at the moment, but a lot of automotive/agri stores around with small engine parts. Someone might be able to tell what is the correct size. Thanks.
  4. K

    HPI roto starter shaft compatibility

    Hello, I have recently purchased rotostarter and purchased back-plate for my HPI Nitro T3.0 engine. To my surprise, the shaft that came with Exceed 1/10 & 1/8 Nitro Electric starter kit which comes with VX back-plate and the shaft doesn't fit the key hole on the HPI back-plate (purchase...
  5. RustyMiata

    Cannot Find Baja 5B In Stores

    Hey I have been trying to purchase a baja 5b in the uk since April. How come there's none in any of the big model stores?
  6. R

    Testing some new Cameras at the Bash....

    The sun is out and we had a great weekend on the golf course with the London All Star Bashers. A Small gathering this weekend includes Bajas, Losi & Vekta - regular Sunday mornings in Enfield North London if anyone wants to join... All done on SJCam SJ5000 + Panasonic HC-V160 - £130 (needs a...
  7. Ragin Cajun

    HPI Baja future?

    Presently, the oval tracks in my region only allow the HPI Baja chassis. Now I hear they are on backorder. Anyone have the scoop on why?
  8. WoodiE

    SOLD: Shock and axle boots

    I've got a set of Full Force RC 5B yellow shock boots as well as Hostile gray rubber axle boots. Both are brand new in package. SOLD - $20 shipped for both packages - SOLD
  9. J

    What's a fair price on this used Baja?

    Hi i am new to 1/5 what would be a fair price for this car?
  10. evssv

    My HPI 26 Baja 5b SS

    had this at christams as a pretty much stock ss....but not no more....lots of tr bits..phatdad...vertigo..uber/predator pipe....irc full chassis/brace chase...dark soul....hitec/savox servos...irp.....killer rc....ddm...gtb....hemistorm.....threshold....swingy p....area...
  11. Guardog8

    Received my Hpi 5sc today !!

    Just got her in the mail today. Picked it up on a trade. Just another addition to my addiction. Already ordered a Dominator rear pipe and Uni short stack filter.
  12. Guardog8

    Another Baja build complete

    These thing keep sucking my wallet dry but building is just as fun as running Carbon fiber body, velocity stack, uni filter, outerwear covers, walbro 1107 carb, dominator V1 pipe, new tires, chrome wheels, RPM bumper, lights, Aluminum beadlocks, hydro dipped engine / spur cover and dynamite kill...
  13. Shipwreck

    HPI Savage Octane V2 or Losi K&N DBXL

    Good morning Guys and Gals I am new to this forum and this is actually my first post so please for give me should I have posted this in the wrong section. I am going to try and keep this short. I have owned a Traxxas Revo T-Maxx and a Jato, a HPI Savage 4.9 and a 5.9 XL all nitro cars and I am...
  14. WoodiE

    Newly announced HPI Baja 5b's

    HPI has just announced two new HPI Baja 5B's at the Nürnberg Toy Fair! Baja Kraken Sidewinder X5 buggy #115484 Teaming up with Kraken RC, HPI is proud to offer the Baja 5B buggy with the Kraken Sidewinder X5 roll cage conversion right out of the box! This amazing kit makes it easy to get one...
  15. S

    Savox 1256TG

    Is this Savox 1256TG servo acceptable for a HPI Baja Thank you for your time
  16. nitrocat

    HPI Europe closed

    HPI Europe has closed it's doors 1/15/16 "The affairs, business and property of Hobby Products International Europe Limited are being managed by Eddie Williams and Nick Wood, appointed as Joint Administrators on 14 January 2016. The Joint Administrators act as agent of the company without...
  17. M

    Tuned pipe

    I'm a noob to racing and bashing . I have a great time putting together the hpi baja 5t . I've put a ONB g340 on a 38 lbs 5t running 19/55 gears and used a DDM fast pipe because I like the rear exit. It's fast but not what I expected after I broke it in . Lots of midrange .I'm looking to change...
  18. N

    Compare HPI Baja 5B Flux with HPI Baja 5B

    I never play large scale rc before. And I am starting to play large scale rc car. I am seeking a good large scale rc car to buy. I am interested in two models as HPI Baja 5B Flux and HPI Baja 5B, electric vs gasoline. I am not sure which one are suitable 5B Flux or 5B. What is pros and cons of...
  19. Z

    got my truck fixed baja 5t ran good today
  20. B

    New to Bajas, couple of questions...

    Hey guys hows it going? so after about six years in the hobby i finally got around to picking up a 5T. Got an awesome deal on the truck, already have my oil/gas ready at 25:1 and my lipo for the electronics. other than a brief stint with a brushless savage converted to 5th scale...