1. Spoogity Woogums

    Long travel suspension

    I'm looking at some extended arm suspension sets for 300$, and I'm here again bugging you all to see if there are shock towers that let me mount the upper shocks at a lower point than stock. Some of these extended arm sets have the towers, but is there a way to buy JUST the towers?
  2. L

    Hydro brakes

    Just picked up a bunch of hydro brake bits on ebay. Looks like I'm getting 2 master cylinders and 4 calipers with disc's, it was all listed as spares so I was wondering if anyone has like a checklist of things to check out of the box to see what's working and what's not hopefully Ill get front...
  3. jordanlw

    throttle/brakes hydro

    Hi, can anyone help ?? i have the usual setup of two servos for hydro brakes on an fg evo, how do switch the right hand side servo so it will not brake when accelerating,i fitted a y lead to connect the two servos and they both go same direction can someone tell me how to set this...
  4. voo2doo

    FG Hydro's

    Anyone tries these? 251265480993 I know they are cheap but someone bought a cheap set and said they worked really well so wondering if these were ok. Ta J
  5. B

    Hydro Brakes

    Hi there, I wonder if anybody can help?? I have owned a monster beetle for a few years having bought it second hand around 2006. Not used it much, but have recently decided to dust it down and upgrade it to a Beetle pro.. It came equiped with front and rear Hydro Brakes, which have been...
  6. eddie2166

    Magura hydro's

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying a set of Magura hydros and am wondering if anyone has had any experiences with them. Where can you buy parts like disks and brake pads.
  7. J

    Hydro tubing and push fittings

    I have fiited up the hydros on my Baja 4wd with pnuematic push fittings and nylon tube 4mm x 2.5mm bore. This is rated at 10 bar. When looking on ebay for tubing, someone is selling the same size tube, so I guess thats ok, just a bit concerned about the push fittings, will they leak. I haven't...
  8. Pitdawg

    Pitdawg Hydro.. Largescale Video!

    Please watch my "NEW" video..
  9. Pitdawg

    Pitdawg hydros 1st 5T body

    Just got this new pattern in yesterday as i was preping this body.. came just in time!! The "NEW", larger, more intense Reaper skull image.. a nice inprovement over the last film... I also got in the small version of this reaper pattern for smaller parts.. I had a couple boo boos this...
  10. D

    Looking for hydro brakes for Carson c5

    My standard breaks just arnt cutting it, looking for advice as to what make to look at, also should I get all 4 corners or just front? At the moment the rear layshaft locks and the fronts don't so just skids uncontrollably under heavy breaking, so thinking about hydro all round. Thoughts and...

    Sold / Found FG Hydros for sale

    Hi Guys i have two sets of FG Hydro brakes for sale, i will ship worldwide and am asking $300 for both sets + shipping. The price is negotiable if you are interested please PM me. Thanks for looking
  12. Pitdawg


    www.pitdawghydro.com is now open for all 5th scalers.. My engine kits are cy and will fit almost any engine.. Check out the site for sweet custom parts..
  13. nitro-killer

    Sold / Found wanted fg hydro brake pads

    Looking for a set of the fiber pads that are used on steel disks magura 1 hydro brakes, new or used if there ok, paypal payment waiting many thanks Nigel.
  14. renbar

    what size o-ring for megatech hydro's

    hi guys need a favor im trying to find the size o-ring for a megatech hydro caliper im not paying for a rebuild kit thats @10-12 euros when i can get just the o-ring which is all i need heres a link to the rebuild kit and i will post a link to the brakes in a min...
  15. P

    PItdawg Hydro (peps build)

    Heres Peps Build so far.. Carbon Fiber Coated in Kandy apple red W/ 4 coats of clear.. Couple of my videos !
  16. Pitdawg

    Pitdawg Hydro Cu$tom Baja parts

  17. J

    1/5 noob question about hydro. brakes

    1/5 noob question about hydro. brake servo wiring Hi guys, So I picked up a used FG complete minus the electronics. Coming from the 1/10 scale world I am accustomed to 1 servo for throttle/brake. This car has Magura hydros so I see I need three servos(1 throttle, 2 brake). I think I...
  18. voo2doo

    Hydro planing

    Didn't know where to put this thread.Either in Boats or Elec cars or general chaos.So its here.....EPIC!:cup-1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R324CAhNwxM&feature=player_embedded#! J:rolleyes:
  19. foxy

    hydroes on fg baja

    just fitted hydroes on the front of my fg baja keeps striping the steering servo gears plastic ones have i set them up wrong or do you need a stronger steering servo ta
  20. foxy

    hydro brakes

    got a set of hydro brakes are they worth putting on my fg baja wot are your thoughts:cup-1:
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