kill switch

  1. smurfer69

    Dynamite killswitch override

    hi guys has anyone having dynamite killswitch installed turn on car light is off turn on transmitter light goes on all is good what if , turn on car light off then forget to turn on transmitter but car still starts for about 10 sec then dies now in-between that 10 sec turn off transmitter...
  2. bajaMaster567

    Need Help! How to setup killswitch with KM Baja 5b and Futaba 3pv transmitter

    Hello, I am new to the baja community.I have a 5th scale gas baja and a futaba 3pv remote.I went out the other day to install the kill switch. Once everything was put done I tested it out and I set the kill switch to the manual switch on the 3PV remote.The switch works wonderfully and turns the...
  3. Peteolheadz100

    Dynamite kill switch low voltage tabs lost???

    Just noticed that the low voltage tabs probably shook loose from vibration and got lost. I was wondering why my car was turning off when I turn and it was because these tabs were missing so as soon as it goes under 6 volt it shuts the engine off and my voltage receiver pack is at 6.2 so figured...
  4. Joek72

    Killer RC kill switch setup

    He so I am getting a Losi 5t Friday and I have a @Killer RC switch as well. I have hear that there problems setting the switch up. Can someone walk me through the set up of the switch on the stock radio. And turning off the avc. I am going to get a different radio but I don’t have to funds at...
  5. Peteolheadz100

    Futaba 3pv switch for killswitch?

    have the Futaba 3pv radio and wonder what switch can I use for activating the remote kill switch any help would be appreciated I do have a switch on the side that when I push it it has plus 100 and when I push it back down it says negative 100 if I connect the kill switch to that when it's on...
  6. C

    Killer rc super bee

    I’m new to this forum and I’m sure this has been asked hundreds of times but I can’t seem to find the answers. Before installing the kill switch the car ran amazing. I have a Futaba 3PV radio system. So I installed a super bee kill switch, everything is hooked up, I got a few beeps and finally...
  7. Harold Bascom

    Is a kill switch really necessary?

    In a litigious society like ours, the fear of a heavy, run-away 1/5 scale car—smashing into limb and/or property, is an unbeatable marketing pitch to owners of large-scale RC, gas trucks/car. But seriously, now! … How likely is that to happen? The thought to pen this point-of-view came to me...
  8. Steve Macdonald

    Kill switch for new 5T?

    I have a Killer RC switch on my Baja clone and it works flawlessly. Turn off radio and it kills the motor. I can kill the motor with a button on the radio. It's just the stock radio/receiver from King Motor. My Losi on the other hand is a different story. I just assumed it would work there as...
  9. MARLEY76

    Dynamite killswitch

    Hi all I'm pretty new to 1/5th rc and at the moment my buggy won't start since I've installed a dynamite 3rd channel killswitch .the led is solid red .wich manual says is ready to start the engine .but it won't I've a fly sky fs-gt3b controller & receiver .any help much appreciated as want to...
  10. RustyMiata

    Opinions on king motor brand servos?

    Just experienced my first runaway on my KM 5B due to the throttle servo being stuck wide open. Car was brand new and has only just been broken in. I heard on other forums that king motor servos ( especially the throttle servo) are junk. Has anyone else here had similar issues with king motor...
  11. djbuzzard

    Flaky Kill Switch

    This issue recently started - When I steer to right, the kill switch (Killer B v2) kicks in. It only happens when I steer in that direction. Once I steer left, the killswitch disengages and I'm able to start up again. I'm thinking my servos (Turnigy S8166M x2 setup on a Redcat MT) may be pulling...
  12. Goin

    rovan remote kill

    has anybody ever tried to rovan remote kill switch? If so how did it work and hold up I wanted another thought cause mine is acting weird always turning off. Batteries are full and everything, just shuts the truck down every 10 mins or so.
  13. S

    Kill Switch Issue

    I have installed a @Killer RC super bee on my new Losi DBXL but it doesn't work with the dx2e and sr310. Kent has been good trying to help but it looks like I may need a new Tx and Rx to use the switch. Something about new firmware in the Rx. Anyone else had an issue with this? Thanks, Brian
  14. crankestein

    RovanRC kill switch question

    Has anyone tried the RovanRC kill switch that costs $29.99? Installed it on the 1/5 scale truck and would get random shutdowns. Checked for any exposed wiring, loose connections, tx settings for 3rd channel unshared, fully charged battery and a resistor type spark plug. Ended removing it...
  15. D

    Kill Switch

    Does everyone here use a kill switch? or a safety kill switch ? What ones are good?
  16. G

    The importance of engine kill switch

    Ok guys. I am somewhat new to gas rc vehicles. I always read that you need a kill switch. Ok so I went cheap and bought the one that redcat makes. The only problem with that is if you end up having problems with your battery, it does not work. I went out yesterday with my wife out in a sand pit...
  17. C

    KillerRC light kontroller question

    I installed the @Killer RC light Kontroller and led headlights and tail lights on my losi 5t. I plugged in the super bee kill switch in the auxiliary plug on the Kontroller. I'm using a spektrum dx4s transmitter, but what I noticed is that when I program the auxiliary switch on the...
  18. ajdenning22

    Kill Switch

    so i have my kill switch installed but still stays red what do i need to do forgot to mention i have the x2 i know its kinda a newb question but i have never put one in and the instructions are kinda vague and mainly for futaba and spektrum. any help would be awesome.
  19. F

    Kill Switch installation in a T1000

    Ok, I'm new to this. I understand the logic of having a kill switch and am trying to install one in my T1000 before running it. Removed the plastic skid plate and cover off the pull start. Removed the two screws from the top of the fan housing, the two bolts from the bottom of the fan housing...
  20. B

    Losi 5ive Super bee kill switch

    I installed my new kill switch into my 5t,turn truck on and radio and beeps and flashed red to green and don't stop.i thought I could plug in and go but I guess not!what do I do?there are dip switches but they are both in middle position(didn't move them)please help.i run a spectrum dx3s
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