killer rc

  1. J

    Killer RC kill switch setup

    He so I am getting a Losi 5t Friday and I have a @Killer RC switch as well. I have hear that there problems setting the switch up. Can someone walk me through the set up of the switch on the stock radio. And turning off the avc. I am going to get a different radio but I don’t have to funds at...
  2. N

    Killer rc 7.4v 6000mah

    Ok new to the lipos. My questions is i just got 7.4v 6000mah killer rc an after reading up before first use it says to balance the lipo first so my question is what are the proper settings for this battery i no 7.4 2s but how many amps also anybody no the c rating on this battery. An is there...
  3. C

    Killer rc super bee

    I’m new to this forum and I’m sure this has been asked hundreds of times but I can’t seem to find the answers. Before installing the kill switch the car ran amazing. I have a Futaba 3PV radio system. So I installed a super bee kill switch, everything is hooked up, I got a few beeps and finally...
  4. H

    Killswitch Problem

    I have ordered a killer rc super bee killswitch for my losi 5ive t. I have a sr415(NON-AVC) and a Dx4C transmitter. The killswitch works and turns off the engine when i use the aux channel on the controller but with i turn of the controller(To simulate signal loss) the rc doesn't turn off and...
  5. S

    Kill Switch Issue

    I have installed a @Killer RC super bee on my new Losi DBXL but it doesn't work with the dx2e and sr310. Kent has been good trying to help but it looks like I may need a new Tx and Rx to use the switch. Something about new firmware in the Rx. Anyone else had an issue with this? Thanks, Brian
  6. crankestein

    RovanRC kill switch question

    Has anyone tried the RovanRC kill switch that costs $29.99? Installed it on the 1/5 scale truck and would get random shutdowns. Checked for any exposed wiring, loose connections, tx settings for 3rd channel unshared, fully charged battery and a resistor type spark plug. Ended removing it...
  7. C

    KillerRC light kontroller question

    I installed the @Killer RC light Kontroller and led headlights and tail lights on my losi 5t. I plugged in the super bee kill switch in the auxiliary plug on the Kontroller. I'm using a spektrum dx4s transmitter, but what I noticed is that when I program the auxiliary switch on the...
  8. C

    Killerrc Light Kontroller - Spektrum Rx Question

    I purchased the light kontroller from @Killer RC. As I was installing the unit, I noticed that the black plastic connectors that go out to the receiver from the kontroller did not fit into the slots on the stock Spektrum receiver. Is there a modification required to get them to fit? Not sure...
  9. WoodiE

    KillerRC 7.4v LiPo vs the 5ive-T stock battery

    I've said it before, the @Killer RC 7.4v LiPo is a great upgrade over the stock batteries on the Losi 5ive-T and now Killer RC has posted a great video showing just that:
  10. K

    Killer RC light Kontroller v3

    Does anyone know it the @Killer RC V3 Light Kontroller will fit in a a DBXL receiver box? I have the tall box lids as well. Thanks!
  11. F

    killer bee problem

    My @Killer RC kill switch kills my engine in my mt pro everything I turn with the steering servos. Its doing it with different servos and different rx tx.please help!
  12. WoodiE

    2,300mAh Transmitter/Receiver LiFe battery from KillerRC GIVEAWAY!

    2,300mAh Transmitter/Receiver LiFe battery from KillerRC GIVEAWAY!!! PRIZES: Winner will receive: Killer RC 2,300mAh LiFe Tx/Rx Battery RULES: Simply add a reply to this thread, (LIMIT ONE REPLY PER DAY), all posts should make some sense. Any spammy nonsense posts will be removed. One...
  13. Killer RC

    New KillerRC LiPo TX batt 11.1v 3200mAh

    Futaba 3PK, 3PM, 3PMX owners can soon pack a whopping 3200mAh of lightweight and long lasting 3S 11.1v LiPo power into their radios. This is a pic of one of our new prototype packs. It just plugs right in and fits perfectly in most radios that have 8 "AA" batteries. This high quality pack will...
  14. G

    killer bee installation

    I just trial fitted the killer bee module. It flashes green when all everything is switched on..... and when i turn on the remote on, it stops lighting. Is this because i haven't installed it fully yet or is it not compatible to my gear? Just want to make sure its going to work before i play...
  15. dhirsty

    Killer bee

    Killer bee r they any good cos I had a run away and smached my car up about £150 worth of damage doh the whole front end and alloy servo plate all bent up lol:(
  16. WoodiE

    10% discount at KillerRC!

    KillerRC is having a End of The World Sale (even has a nice countdown!) - save 10% off all items... YES even the KillerRC Kill Switch!!! Coupon Code: ENDSALE
  17. Killer RC

    Killer RC 6.6v 2300mAh LiFe battery

    Coming soon. These little packs are amazing. They last forever in a transmitter, like the Futaba 4PK and 4PL. They also work good as a receiver pack on boats and nitros. I actually used one in my MCD RaceRunner with dual steering servos, and it did great.
  18. WoodiE

    Killer RC transmitter battery coming soon

    Just recently Killer RC mentioned that a new LiFe transmitter battery is coming soon. A 2300mAh, 6.6v LiFe battery that should retail around $33.99. I use a LiFe battery now in my Futaba 4PL and the battery lasts forever. This Killer RC batter will certainly be worth the upgrade for anyone...
  19. Killer RC

    Killer RC - Power Starter

    Coming late November. Under $70 retail. Easy installation. All you need to add is a power drill. This is one of our prototypes. The production version may look slightly different.
  20. C

    diff/killer bee question

    I am rebulding the diff because i want to instal some different bearings and i was checking the fluid level, I ran into a snag because i cant seem to get the pins out( the ones that hold the gears on the outdrive cups. And I installed a killer bee switch and when i turn on the truck it lights up...