king motor

  1. One1Savage_

    I'm new to this hobby

    Hi guys i'm very new to this 1/5 petrol hobby and past saturday with christmas iv'e got my first king motor 002 right from the box it start in like less then 3 pulls or so iv'e done 4 heat cycle's in totaal i wanted to do my last heat cycle yesterday but i couldn't get the engine started so i...
  2. BajaBlitz2001

    Baja 5B Bogging In Sand

    Hello everyone! Im new to the forum (and large scale in general) so I'm learning a bunch while I mess around with my baja. I picked up a 35CC Rovan Baja of OfferUp about 2 months ago and its been crazy fun. It flies and sounds great. I run her with 32:1 mix 2 cycle on 93 octane as the previous...
  3. Rick Peroe

    My late model King Motor 30.5cc build

    King Motors 30.5 cc with a Trabue custom Late Model body. Will be running at Carolina rc park and other tracks.
  4. D

    need some advice for a novice re: King motor rc camera car

    Hi all, I am a camera operator and need some help with a project to film pandas in the wild. I bought a used King motor RC camera car from B and H and rigged it with a remote camera head, so all good there, rc car is working fine. I know zip about RC except what i have learned using drones. two...
  5. bajaMaster567

    Need Help! How to setup killswitch with KM Baja 5b and Futaba 3pv transmitter

    Hello, I am new to the baja community.I have a 5th scale gas baja and a futaba 3pv remote.I went out the other day to install the kill switch. Once everything was put done I tested it out and I set the kill switch to the manual switch on the 3PV remote.The switch works wonderfully and turns the...
  6. T

    Should I get a King Motor Blade or T-1000?

    Should I get the Blade or T-1000? I just cant decide which one to get. What would you choose?
  7. X

    Zenoah G290 will not bolt up to side engine mount

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem with mounting a brand new Zenoah G290 motor to my Rovan baja. The motor is sitting higher then the stock Rovan 30.5cc motor did and the bolt that goes into the bottom of the chassis into the clutch housing is going into a different engine mount hole. I have...
  8. S

    New car, KM Baja buggy or a KM T 1000?

    I am looking to purchase either a KM Baja buggy or a KM T 1000 in the new year, which of the two is the better vehicle, i have been into 1/5 scale for a while but have only messed with FG. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. A

    Recommended upgrades and or replacement parts?

    Is there a thread to cover the most common parts that break or parts that should be upgraded to make the car bulletproof? After going off a ramp a few times getting the car 5 ft in the air the dogbones broke, the right side completely snapped off and the left shock is stuck and wont budge, i...
  10. Steve Macdonald

    New $30 pipe works great

    I got this from Dan at King Motor: Took 15 minutes to install. I used a bit of wire to hold it in place -- primitive but so far effective. The "Thor" pipe that came with the T1000A caused me some problems -- It tended to shake the...
  11. RustyMiata

    Opinions on king motor brand servos?

    Just experienced my first runaway on my KM 5B due to the throttle servo being stuck wide open. Car was brand new and has only just been broken in. I heard on other forums that king motor servos ( especially the throttle servo) are junk. Has anyone else here had similar issues with king motor...
  12. Scruffy

    Shock oil

    OK guys I have new shock shafts on the way so next is shock oil. There is so much info on this subject that im dumbfounded. Some say silicone, some say don't use silicone, some say u can use anything from cooking oil to motor oil. So what is the right answer? The new shafts have the 2 hole...
  13. crankestein

    30.5cc King Motor Baja 'stock trim'

    Just bashing, first few tanks, opening up the engine little by little. Its in its 4th tank or so... on a cheap restrictive Dragon pipe Stock gearing
  14. V

    Km chassis rebuild

    Did this to my friends km truck chassis, only thing that broke. All buttoned up with a new orange chassis from km.

    X2's Kicking up some dirt VIDEO

    Me and a friend having some fun racing about with our King Motor X2's!
  16. jbl302

    2 Speed Transmission

    Looking to get a 2 speed for my KM Buggy. I heard a while back there was a problem with the one way bearings. The one way bearing just not lasting, and the nylon gears. I ran across this today. Any one have one of these with the redesigned bearings. Several other companies always seem to be sold...
  17. Swerv

    Confusion say what ?

    Hello all..... Well i'm happy to be on board..... Looking to get my very first 1:5 scale vehicle, i'm hopeing you guys can get me on the right track... I FEEL IN LOVE WITH A LOSI 5T..... I herd a few things about the LT 305..... I was just introducedto a King Motor X2 earlier today.... Now...

    King Motor X2 arrived yesterday!

    Just received my KMX2 i purchased from the dealer in New York using the website. Was nervous about a off branded version of the 5ive but after a full teardown and reassembly I am quite impressed with the quality. Took me and a friend about 6 hours. After checking off all the issues that were...
  19. crankestein

    King Motors X2 RTR 30.5cc

    IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUYING A X2, READ ON, AT LEAST UP TO POST #15. Next week should be receiving my new King Motors X2 RTR w 30.5cc 4 bolt motor and tuned pipe. :lol: This is going to be my thread, will be loaded with tons of pictures, teardown, build etc. In transit submit my input from...
  20. J

    new KM

    I just got in my "new" T1000, bought off ebay for 500 shipped, just needs an rx/tx, came with a brand new 32cc motor and a spare 26cc motor and 4 pair of spare tires plus the ones on it, I'll get pics in a bit as I said all those tires, came with it, roughly a $700 in tires and...
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