king motor

  1. voo2doo

    WTB HPI baja/Rovan/KM axle

    As per title.I am after one rear drive axle for a HPI style Baja and a roll cage. PM's please and PP waiting. James
  2. P

    rovan or king motors?

    which seems to be the better of the two? i'm leaning towards the rovan. mainly concerned about the engine.
  3. E

    KM Baja 5b Won't Idle !

    I have just replaced all 3 intake manifold gaskets and replaced spark plug with NGK...I can't seem get it to idle at all ! I have turned idle screw out all the way and adjusted servo so its not even close to opening jet still have a very fast idle...Please HELP !!!!
  4. C

    Kraken Class 1 with T2000 KM

    Has anyone tried to put the Kraken Class 1 kit on a King Motor T2000? The biggest obstacle I think will be the 4wd set up- the dual drive belt set up makes the side rails fit on opposite sides (left on right- right on left) also but not least the dual shock system. Any suggestions??
  5. E

    KM 2Speed Transmission Not Shifting

    I have recently purchased a KM 2 speed and have read all the threads about adjusting the gear screws for shifting, but once I take the cover off I can't locate the screws. Can someone post a picture or video and tell me exactly what I am looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. M

    my King motor buggy won't start,what gives?

    i just came back from running my buggy,first half tank car started right up, everything was fine, so i shut the engine down to put more gas into the tank,and now it won't start,it sounds just like it should,when you try to pull start it, but it won't turn over and using the choke,to help give it...
  7. B

    King Motor t2000 servo glitching please help!!!!

    Hey everyone a noob to 1/5 scale and just received my t2000. Whenever I start the truck up my servos start jumping and glitching. Replaced throttle servo and also swapped rx and tx still not fix. It does not do it unless it is running! Please please help!!
  8. H

    KM Baja 5b rear fender and chassis guard

    KM Baja 5b rear fender and chassis guard now with front fenders Hi Gang, New to the world of 1/5th scale. Just to post pics of inexpensive solution to rear fenders and chassis debris guards. Hope this works...have never used this forum or posted pics.
  9. M

    King Motors 2.0 Aluminim 30.5

    i'm having a really annoying problem, the 2 allen screws are loosening that connect the exhaust to the motor,has any one else had these problems, i used it yesterday and i lost one of them.I was thinking of using lock tite ,but because of the heat ,i'm thinking it wouldn't work, I thinking i'm...
  10. M

    km runs but doesn't move

    help new to the Baja world im stuck really stuck I can't find whatts wrong with my little girl she starts up just fine but she does want to move it only move about 2 feet when I gave it a push please help me
  11. T

    King Motor/ Rovan Baja review.

    Hello, I want to post my review of my rovan baja 5t to inform those looking to get one rather than the hpi. I bought my Rovan Baja 5t on ebay for around $530 sometime in June 2012. First, I did have problems starting the 29cc engine but after contacting the seller, he gave me some tips and it...
  12. T

    king motor 23cc speed question

    how fast a 23cc engine? addressed to all those who have the king motor 23cc KSRC-001 Buggy Thanks!
  13. Johnston.jer

    King Motors rear Dominator Clone (chrome)

    Rear Dom clone, In great shape. ($50) shipped cont. US Interested in trades as well Items interested in: Turtle Racing items Hostile items Team Phat Dad items
  14. Johnston.jer

    King Motor 30.5CC Engine (used)

    I have a 1 year old King motors 30.5 CC engine for sale. Has a small crack in the flywheel case near mounting tap. Starts on third pull. Needs Carb adjusted. I would say I have probably a gallon of fuel through it. I will try and get pics up tonight. Needs new clutch SHOES. I removed the...
  15. T

    New to me KM Baja

    I just traded a Trail Finder 2 for an emaxx and a King Motors Baja, woo hoo! I'm pretty sure this is an older model, the person I traded with said he had it for 2 years. It has the purple aluminum and 4mm shock shafts. Over all it is in pretty good condition other than one of the lower rear a...
  16. evostyle

    KM T1000 GT Short Course Truck

    Official thread to discuss the King Motor T1000 GT short course truck. I just got mine today and I have to say with just a visual inspection and engine break-in I'm impressed. My truck will be used only for racing. I got the truck almost ready to run from This was a custom...
  17. jw32baggs

    WTB will trade 80gb ps3 with games and controllers for king motor or rovan

    as the ad says i am looking for a used 1/5 scale for son to use..looking for king motor or rovan.i have a mint 80gb ps3 which plays ps2 and ps1 games and quite a few games and two controllers.everything in mint shape
  18. L

    Km 23cc engine problem

    I have run a full tank of gas through my 1/5th baja and on my 2nd now, and when i rev it up sometimes it will stick like its almost wide open for a few seconds and then it will come back down,. Any thaughts or ideas?
  19. S

    Choosing tires for king motors ??????

    i have a king motors 1/5 scale buggy i am looking to replace the tires with PRO1151-00 - Pro-Line Bow-Tie XTR w/Molded Foam gonna order them from A-main hobby if some one can tell me that they will fit on my stock king motors rims they say there for the HPI and the tech support couldnt answer...
  20. S

    Help king motors drives in circles ????

    Hello every one new here to the forum. i need help with my king motors 2 speed 30.5cc baja. only the second time running this i bought it use from some one 460.00 (claimed he only ran 1/2 tank threw it) and it came with some upgrades. what happened i was running my KM in a open field today...