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  1. briancaveman2003

    KM 002TX Baja Buggy 29cc

    hi has anyone had a KM 002TX Baja Buggy 30.5cc wot are thay like. i just ordered one from new york. cannot wait now i need a kill switch
  2. M

    KM Baja 2.0 EX teardown and slow build (pic heavy)

    Just want to create a thread for for my teardown and slow build. Here we go! So far the person that put it together at the factory was a loctite happy guy! No complaints but...
  3. M

    KM 2.0 EX ordered. What to do?

    Hi everyone! Been here for awhile now and just about to get my first 1/5th scale delivered today. I went for the KM baja 2.0 EX from Dan. My other choice was the HPI Baja 5B SS because I love putting together a kit, I already own a spectrum DX2 radio and of course because of all the hop-ups...
  4. L

    Best charger for km

    Hey guys, what's the best charger for the km 3000 battery?. My mate who has a 5sc has suggested the ansman charger but it says its for 7.2v and aren't 6v?..or doesn't it matter?. Any help would be great guys cheers
  5. L

    King Motor Baja 3.0

    I have a KM Baja like new with extras for sale on ebay. Will ship worldwide.
  6. L

    King motor ksrc-002

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and a new baja owner and I'm having problems from the word go! :( I've just bought a ksrc-002tx and have followed the advice of the manual but I can't for the life of me get it to start. Since buying it ive only bought some oil and fuel but can't get it to fire, It...
  7. B

    1 year with the km and......

    Well I have had the baja for 1 year as of today and i thought i would post up my thoughts and what I had to replace on it. First thing that went was my Throttle/Brake servo, locked up tight. So at that time I replaced both the sterring servo and Throttle servo. In replacing the sterring...
  8. C

    clean up baja/km spare, new , used parts, new engine

    cleaning up parts boxes, all parts as listed, shipping included to lwer 48 states, every where else you will need to send postal info and any info needed to get actual shipping cost's paypal for online, square and cash for local pickup email for additional info [email protected]
  9. V

    Aluminum 3 Piece Quick Diff- KM

    Anyone have any experience with KM's aluminum 3 piece quick differential? I'd like to replace my tranny before it explodes, like every plastic tranny ever built, and destroys the rest of my drivetrain. lol
  10. Ticker

    King Motor won't start

    My mates King Motor Baja clone was running sweet and then he found it wouldn't start unless he used the choke, even when warm. It just starts with the choke and then dies. Now it won't start at all. It has a good spark and petrol is getting to the plug, it's also going into the air filter a...
  11. octane

    king motor ksrc 002 setup Help!!

    i just bought a king motor baja ksrc 002 and i am having trouble setting it up, for some reason when i hold down the trigger it brakes and when i push forward the trigger it accelerates, can anyone explain why this is happening? ps i am new to petrol cars as i have only owned a traxxas revo...
  12. M

    Integy and KM cable front brakes

    Which one is better? If there is another brand at the same price point, please comment on it as well. Rear brake only is getting a bit old. The KM kit seems to not use replaceable pads. That makes me nervous. I don't wanna have to buy a full new kit because the calibers wore out.
  13. B

    new king motor buggy owner help!

    hey whats up guys this is bryan im from houston tx i just got me a king motor baja i have it since two months its a 23cc questions are why I'm breaking so many pullstarts i already replaced it 3 times i took it off to see if theres something in like rocks or something theres nothing in...
  14. C

    KM Baja 5 30.5 Keeps flooding Please Help

    Great forum and info.. Last Year I purchased a King Motor Baja with a 30.5 Fuelie. Well it ran fine out of box I used it about 2 tanks Then with kids haven't had time to use it .So it just sat. We now my 6 yr son asked me about my RC trunk. So several weeka ago I tried to start it . Well it...
  15. C

    integy hd diffs for hpi/km/rovan

    selling 2 new integy HD diffs, removed from Integy Diff assemblies these fit hpi/km/rovan baja's $70 shipped To U.S. only, Paypal only 1. Integy HD Diff 2. Integy HD Diff
  16. C

    Ordered KM T1000GT today!!

    I just placed the order and will be the owner of a new KM soon! I can wait for it to get here! I know I need to check the fluids and screws and I am planning on getting some locktite this week. What kind of dif oil and tranny oil should I get? I am also planning on ordering a killer bee kill...
  17. C

    Km t1000 gt

    Hey everyone, I am about to pull the trigger and get a 1/5th scale and was thinking why spend 1200-1300 for a new HPI or 700-900 for a used one when I can get a new KM for 700-800. I just wanted to make sure that if I purchase the KM I can put the same aftermarket parts on it that you can on the...
  18. F

    km baja 5t $200.00 is it worth it?

    km Baja ddm 23cc no radio or receiver asking around $200.00 this truck is used is it worth it guys, it may also be a rovan can't tell anyway guys let me know.
  19. S

    king motor 30.5cc piston and cylinder

    good used top end off a km 30.5cc with about 4 tanks thru it. ran good when removed. upgraded to a CY billet top end $35 shipped to us only
  20. P

    KM 5t

    Hey guys I have a new 5T here that i don't run at all the body is broken easy fix all I want for this is 400.00 us dollars and you cover shipping and it is yours