1. madgreek

    George's Kraken Vekta.5 Ownership/Build Thread

    Hi guys, just creating this thread to document my Kraken Vekta.5 ownership. I mainly collect on-road FG Modellsport cars. With that said I was looking for something to use during the winter months. With the help and guidance from many on here. I ended up with this from DDM. I went with the ARTR...
  2. William E Burrows Jr

    I have made history in the Kraken Vekta 5 world.

    Dear a Members, I was told these famous words, I never heared of anyone having this problem you are describing with the Vekta 5. This came from Tech. Support. To cut to the chase, I changed out the front diff. and replaced some bearings in the transmission for general maintenance. On the bench...

    KRAKEN TSK B BUILD (update)

    Got the clutch carrier & 55T BLACKBONE spur installed but slightly bent a brake rotor disc 🤗... Gonna have to upgrade to the Full Force carbon fiber brake setup but here's an update...HAPPY THANKSGIVING🦃🦃🦃🦃 😎😎😎😎"UPGRADE"

    KRAKEN TSK B BUILD (update)

    Got the sway bars put on today it's cold & snowing in Denver today perfect day for a little wrenching check out part#2 project "BLOODYMARY" on YouTube Forgot to upload photos of sway bars I installed after the video
  5. crucialRC

    Crucial Kraken Vekta.5

    Came home today to a lovely site. I don't think I was able to concentrate on much at work today. 😁 Let me tell you this thing is MASSIVE and I love it!!!!