1. C

    Question about running LIPO in Baja

    So I decided to switch my baja over to LIPO power for the extra servo power and overall performance boost. Ive been checking out LIPO packs fo purchase and have one question. How does the discharge rate make a difference? Batteries ive been considering all vary from a 30C disxharge all the way...
  2. R

    Can the Losi DBXL-E handle 8s lipo

    Hi there fairly new to the forums and just wanted to know if the losi dbxle drivetrain can handle 8s lipo
  3. C

    7.2V Nihm or 7.4 Lipo?

    Thinking of upgrading my Baja to a higher voltage. What would be better overall and how much of a difference would it be between 7.2 Nihm or 7.4 Lipo power? Yes, there is a .2 difference in voltage but for arguments sake lets say they are both 7.2V. Would there be a big difference between the 2...
  4. Y

    Which Lipo connectors to use on Losi DBXL-E or similar

    Dear all, Which battery connector do you suggest me to use on my Losi DBXL-E RC? I'm using 2x 4 cells Lipo batteries (20C, 60C & 90C). I'm also going to upgrade the Spur\Pinion combo on my Losi soon. My thoughts are about EC5 vs. XT90 AS (anti-spark), but I don't have any experience with them...
  5. N

    Killer rc 7.4v 6000mah

    Ok new to the lipos. My questions is i just got 7.4v 6000mah killer rc an after reading up before first use it says to balance the lipo first so my question is what are the proper settings for this battery i no 7.4 2s but how many amps also anybody no the c rating on this battery. An is there...
  6. M

    What connector should I use for brushless build?

    I'm trying to decide on what connectors to run on my Brushless build. It's a 5T and I'll be running a hobbywing 200a MAX5 esc and a Fuse 800kv 6 pole motor. I will be using SMC 4s x2 9200mah 90c batteries so this will only be a 8s system. I was thinking about running XT150/AN150. But was...
  7. R

    Lipo Pack for Losi 5ive?

    Im looking for an inexpensive 2s lipo for my losi 5ive. I found this one - Would this work? or any suggestions on a lipo pack that isnt over 40-50$? Thanks
  8. D

    Thunder-Tiger-1-8-RTR-e-MTA-Kaiser-Monster-Truck-On-Board-Audio-w-3s-Lipo-Batter Thunder-Tiger-1-8

    Does anyone have information on this rc etc, performance, quality
  9. M

    Lipo batteries-opinions on cheapies??

    Looking for opinions on cheapie lipos you guys have used with success. I've been stocking up on 2s lipo's for the kids. Bought some used ones of Ebay with good success, both name brand and no name. Decided to buy new from now on but don't want to shell out $100 a pack if you know what I mean...
  10. WoodiE

    KillerRC 7.4v LiPo vs the 5ive-T stock battery

    I've said it before, the @Killer RC 7.4v LiPo is a great upgrade over the stock batteries on the Losi 5ive-T and now Killer RC has posted a great video showing just that:
  11. Killer RC

    New KillerRC LiPo TX batt 11.1v 3200mAh

    Futaba 3PK, 3PM, 3PMX owners can soon pack a whopping 3200mAh of lightweight and long lasting 3S 11.1v LiPo power into their radios. This is a pic of one of our new prototype packs. It just plugs right in and fits perfectly in most radios that have 8 "AA" batteries. This high quality pack will...
  12. P

    FlySky FS-GT3B LiPo Upgrade

    Hi, I know this has been shown too many times but why not one more. I purchased the battery on eBay for $15.00 and wiring it was simple. There several videos that show the 3 screws to remove on the Transmitter case. There are two at the base and one at the handle. You then simply desolder...
  13. Killer RC

    New 4200mAh 7.4v LiPo battery

    Our new 7.4v 4200mAh LiPo receiver battery is now in stock. It's small but packs a big punch! It fits nicely in the HPI Baja, and most other RCs.
  14. Killer RC

    6v NiMh vs 7.4v LiPo

  15. J

    Will this lipo fit in the battery box??

    just a quick question, Will this Lipo fir in the mcd battery box? cheers
  16. Killer RC

    Charging LiPos

  17. dopeyiniraq

    Lipo question

    Ok so wat does it mean by thec rating 2
  18. R

    rx lipo?

    i got a 3200 2s lipo battery and i want to use it as a rx battery,will it fit,will it work,will i have to buy a lvd system? on a km ksrc-002 buggy
  19. Trebor

    looking for lipo's

    im looking for lipo batteries to run my mono hull;) looking some where that sells these Flight power Evo-Lite 14.8v 4s 5350mah 17c= 91.0 amp continuous 28c also :) Thunder Power RC 14.8v 4s 2700mah 30c = 81.0 amp continuous 50c any links guys K....
  20. Killer RC

    7200 & 6000mAh LiPos

    They are both in stock right now. These receiver battery packs are selling fast, so get em now.