1. Killer RC

    6000 mAh 7.4v LiPo for HPI Baja

    Coming early July hopefully. Retail price below $50.
  2. chris18

    help need on newbie lipo user

    hi guys looking into getting a new kit and going brushless and lipo but i have no clue being the age i am and all this being pretty new to me as i'm used to the old style 7.2 tamiya batteries and a classic fast charger right the kit i want is not a large scale but only 1/10 feel this is the...
  3. briancaveman2003

    iMAX B6 Digital RC Lipo NiMh Battery charger

    £25 posted brand new never used 12volt iMAX B6 Digital RC Lipo NiMh Battery Balance Charger <LI class=t4> Compatible Batteries: <LI class=t4>NiCd / NiMH Voltage level : 1.2V / cell Allowable fast charge current : 1C-2C (depends on the performance of cell) Discharge voltage cut off level ...
  4. R


    Hey guys anybody running lipo for receiver? What size do I need and do I need a voltage stepdown?
  5. voo2doo

    Understand your LiPo.

    Thought I'd lob this on the forum for all that use LiPo batteries. Understanding LiPos LiPo batteries are very different from previous generation batteries and understanding how they work, and especially how to charge them, is the key to getting the best performance. Series...

    GV Cage BL (4S Lipo Power)

    i really need a wheelie bar, & this is up hill lol skid marks where it shot off the desk when i first plugged it in I shall be haunting this room lol sold up my large scale XD
  7. atom3624

    LiPo BL Traxxas !!

    This is fast!! Just look at those rears when he starts really opening it up!! Al.
  8. sperera

    Lipo's with deans

    Anyone know where I can buy lipo's with deans plugs already on them? I cant solder so would love to find a place when them already on there. current using turnigy's and working great.
  9. Kamitiro Fan

    Losi ralley car 1/24th upgraded to brushless with lipo (RTR)

    Losi rally car 1/24th upgraded to brushless with lipo (RTR) LOSI RALLY CAR 1/24TH UPGRADED TO BRUSHLESS WITH LIPO RTR Car is used but in Excellent Condition with only 2 indoor runs Look at the upgrades Losi Xcelorin 8750Kv Brushless Motor and ESC Losi upgraded steering servo Losi...
  10. pipeous

    Adding a lipo to a Spektrum Radio

    Ok I started here with this battery. The plugs didn't actually match up in my DX3.0 so I cut the white plug off. On the pc board by the charge plug the lead from the regular battery tray terminal runs. beside where the + and...