1. atom3624

    LiPo BL Traxxas !!

    This is fast!! Just look at those rears when he starts really opening it up!! Al.
  2. sperera

    Lipo's with deans

    Anyone know where I can buy lipo's with deans plugs already on them? I cant solder so would love to find a place when them already on there. current using turnigy's and working great.
  3. Kamitiro Fan

    Losi ralley car 1/24th upgraded to brushless with lipo (RTR)

    Losi rally car 1/24th upgraded to brushless with lipo (RTR) LOSI RALLY CAR 1/24TH UPGRADED TO BRUSHLESS WITH LIPO RTR Car is used but in Excellent Condition with only 2 indoor runs Look at the upgrades Losi Xcelorin 8750Kv Brushless Motor and ESC Losi upgraded steering servo Losi...
  4. pipeous

    Adding a lipo to a Spektrum Radio

    Ok I started here with this battery. The plugs didn't actually match up in my DX3.0 so I cut the white plug off. On the pc board by the charge plug the lead from the regular battery tray terminal runs. beside where the + and...