losi 5ive-b

  1. M

    What is the length of the 5ive-B center driveshaft?

    Hi. Can someone please tell me what is the pin to pin length of TLR252014 aka 5ive-b center rear driveshaft. I know it should be shorter than the 5ive-t one. Thanks
  2. rlandrum

    Body for 5ive B Electric

    I'm not crazy about the stock body, especially since it's full of holes meant for a gas engine. Are there any buggy bodies that aren't pre-cut for the 5ive B? I've poked around Grafil but it's kinda hard to get any concrete information about the bodies they supply.
  3. Whoduh

    LOWER Lower Price for a 5ive B.

    Even though the price dropped to $749 for the 5ive B you can get it cheaper. Go to largescalerc.com and use the coupon code LSF...drops the price down to $712 w/free shipping. Thats almost the price of a kill switch. I got my 5ive B in the mail a few days ago and wanted to share the info...
  4. P

    Losi 5ive b build thread

    Here you go guys built this back in October. Been thinking about uploading photos for time . here you go guys hope you enjoy and it helps you . any questions or queries don't hesitate to message on this thread https://goo.gl/photos/3MA4LHnfkkS5CLEw7
  5. P

    Engine for 5ive-B

    I'm think of get the 5ive-B and wondering what engines and pipe people are going to be putting in them. This will be my first 1/5 scale and don't know much about the engines made for them. TLR is recommending their dynamites engines but don't know if they are very good. I want something that is...