losi 5ive-b

  1. T

    Losi 5ive B Victory exhaust Issues, I need help!!!! Please come in

    Has anyone used this Victory pipe, It comes very close to my Throttle servo. It touches My Body. Any suggestions. Will it work?????
  2. gavin_twitty

    Building Losi from scratch. Need help!!!

    Hey y’all, Im new to the 1/5 scale world lol and I need some help. I need some dimensions on some parts from the Losi 5T, and the Losi 5B. I do ALOT of metal fabrication and a buddy of mine recently let me borrow his aluminum plate of off his Losi 5T in order for me to duplicate it for my own...
  3. Timetoshine

    5b carb ajustment

    Guys need your help another shot haha Currently trying to set up my new g4z engine on my 5b but I'm not able to set up this. The engine fired up nicely on the first time but the wheels start spinning like crazy so I turn down the low screw to make it turn good on idle. My problem is when I...
  4. Sparky26

    5ive B build

    Just got my 5ive B in :cool:. But before I build it I have to build somethings to assist me. Check them out.
  5. jimbo1

    My project 5b

    Hi everyone. Well here goes. Purchased my losi 5ive b used about 3weeks ago. I think this was a members car but cant find the thread about the car. This is a photo with the original body The upgrades i think it came with and what i have added are as follows OBR 29.5 full mod. Oddified race...
  6. evssv

    Evssv's Losi 5B

    20181117_134327 by evssv, on Flickr:p
  7. DougStar

    5B back on the shelf

    https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/storefronts/gas-cars-and-trucks/team-losi-racing-brand/1-5-5ive-b-race-4wd-buggy-kit-p-tlr05001 for all the folk who are after the TLR 5B it is now a stock item on the horizon web site(y) we all want to see new build threads(y):D
  8. D

    Losi 5ive-B conversion to E, have you built one?

    hi, With the the 5ive B being available now, im considering building it into a E just so i can keep the noise down and drive it around the neighboorhood. Has anyone built one that could post the needed parts and any tips or thoughts when building this conversion? thanks for the help!
  9. DougStar

    Lets build a T.L.R. 5b

    Hello! After a 33 year break between playing with RC cars i decided to get a new car. Looking at all the different models/platforms that the average Joe can get hold of today i settled on a Team Losi Racing 5 Buggy race kit. There were a few reasons for getting the 5B. If you build it your...
  10. DougStar

    TLR 5b basher

    so i pulled the trigger on a new losi 5b YAY!!! going with just the bare basics for now. got a G320RC a bart pipe pull and crank outerwears. Now just the long wait for the delivery
  11. M

    What is the length of the 5ive-B center driveshaft?

    Hi. Can someone please tell me what is the pin to pin length of TLR252014 aka 5ive-b center rear driveshaft. I know it should be shorter than the 5ive-t one. Thanks
  12. rlandrum

    Body for 5ive B Electric

    I'm not crazy about the stock body, especially since it's full of holes meant for a gas engine. Are there any buggy bodies that aren't pre-cut for the 5ive B? I've poked around Grafil but it's kinda hard to get any concrete information about the bodies they supply.
  13. Whoduh

    LOWER Lower Price for a 5ive B.

    Even though the price dropped to $749 for the 5ive B you can get it cheaper. Go to largescalerc.com and use the coupon code LSF...drops the price down to $712 w/free shipping. Thats almost the price of a kill switch. I got my 5ive B in the mail a few days ago and wanted to share the info...
  14. P

    Losi 5ive b build thread

    Here you go guys built this back in October. Been thinking about uploading photos for time . here you go guys hope you enjoy and it helps you . any questions or queries don't hesitate to message on this thread https://goo.gl/photos/3MA4LHnfkkS5CLEw7
  15. P

    Engine for 5ive-B

    I'm think of get the 5ive-B and wondering what engines and pipe people are going to be putting in them. This will be my first 1/5 scale and don't know much about the engines made for them. TLR is recommending their dynamites engines but don't know if they are very good. I want something that is...
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