losi 5ive-t

  1. H

    Losi 5T sputtering

    Hey guys! I’ve been having a sputtering problem with my Losi 5t lately... I replaced the motor with another stock CY29RC about 4 tanks of fuel ago. I took the truck out to drive today and it will idle fine and has okay low end power. The truck will then sputter with anything more than 1/3...
  2. bigdipperfred

    Need help jumping

    Hi everyone I have losi 5t 2.o and mtxl.When I jump them they become lawn darts any advice. How to jump them .I try flooring it doesn't make a difference. I don't know if its the ramp angle or just know what I'm doing.lol any advice I appreciate it thanks everyone.
  3. dirby

    dirby's Losi 5ive-T build

    how do you like me now?
  4. Basher5ive420

    Bought a used 5ive T need some upgrade advice to make it bash proof

    What’s up fellas! I’m looking to do a few upgrades so far i have already ordered a new radio/ receiver so I can properly operate a kill switch, TR air box with the Hpi filter and Outerwears for both filter and pull start. I would like to upgrade the exhaust, the engine it has it a 29cc 4...
  5. Basher5ive420

    Leaking shocks help, Losi 5ive T

    What’s up fellas, I recently bought a used Losi 5ive T.. It came bone stock but so far it’s been running amazing! here is where I need help. The front shock had no shock oil in it, I took the shock apart and everything looked ok except for the fact it had no oil in it. I got some 30wt losi...
  6. -Dusty-

    Losi 5ive-T 2.0 chassis

    Hello. I have a question about the new chassis. I know that there are some changes where they moved the center diff and throttle servo but I was wondering if any other changes were made. I want to order some chassis braces and skid plates and Im thinking that these parts should fit but I want...
  7. dirby

    losi 5t diff or removal.

    what is the best way to remove the rubber o ring from the drive cup inside the diff with out destroying the rubber o ring?

    LOSI 5IVE T 2.0

    Whos getting the new losi 5ive T 2.0 send picks so I can be jealous 😂😂😂😂
  9. Skubaben

    I'm about to waste more money then I can afford, this hobby made me obsessed!

    I bought my first hpi baja, 3 weeks ago. Got a rly good deal on it. And now i found a collector/builder who sells a losi 5ive t with TONS of upgrades used 4 liter gas and after that it been a model in his living-room. So its in rly good shape as close to new as it can get. A fue worries. First...
  10. bigdipperfred

    Exhaust recommendations for Losi 5t 2.0?

    Any thoughts . and recommendations for exhaust.Zenoah 32 cc engine for all a round use.
  11. dougstar

    The new Losi 5ive-T 2.0

    So looks like there is a new losi 5ive-t 2.0 coming soon it has some of the losi 5b bits brakes , shocks center diff. comes with a zenoha g320. yay!:D Does this mean the original losi 5t will be getting a further price cut? discontinued? https://www.rctalk.com/losi-5ive-t-2/
  12. 12 Bravo

    no low end power

    i ran the truck on fathers day and it ran awesome, got it back out 3 days later didnt want to start, no low end power and once it went about 30' it would start pulling hard on the top!!i run ethanol free 90 octane fuel wit klotz super techni plate oil mixed at 32-1. i've tried adjusting the carb...
  13. M

    What is the length of the 5ive-B center driveshaft?

    Hi. Can someone please tell me what is the pin to pin length of TLR252014 aka 5ive-b center rear driveshaft. I know it should be shorter than the 5ive-t one. Thanks
  14. 12 Bravo

    Losi 5ive-T breaking rear dogbones

    i've had this truck since dec 2017 and its broken 3 sets of rear dogbones , the last 2 sets have been phat dad dogbones . i'm running integy lower control arms and a vertigo monster locker, the dogbones always break in the same spot.
  15. evssv

    5ive goodies.....

    got sum bits to fit to me 5ive.....20180523_163626 by evssv, on Flickr 20180523_163652 by evssv, on Flickr hubs and rod ends fitted and new servo in... 20180524_123112 by evssv, on Flickr new silver edging....20180524_140325 by evssv, on Flickr and jus did me new wing...20180525_131002 by evssv...
  16. Buzzsaw46

    How to drop a pound of weight.

    as the saying goes find 16 places to reduce by an ounce, and that is what I just did to my TLR Rovan. Replaced the stock Losi 5ive-T front/rear diffs with light weight 5ive-B parts = 80g Replaced stock Rovan center diff with stock Losi plastic housing and light weight spur and internals from...
  17. Paul G

    Got my Losi 5ive T last summer. I decided to give it a new look.

    Got it last summer from a friend. Was used but in great shape. Decided to redo the body. Hope the pictures show up.
  18. Jomega06

    What 2 cycle oil

    not sure if this has been posted yet. Just took delivery of my 5t and I was wondering what 2 cycle oil everyone has had luck with.
  19. Jomega06

    What does everyone use to tote the 5ive t around with?

    What are y’all using to tote the beast around in?
  20. K

    Looking for servos for 5ive-T

    Looking for really good servos for my five t