losi 5ive

  1. Zach619

    Losi 5ive-T pull starter troubles

    Alright everyone I have had my losi for about a year now and I go through pull starts constantly. I either break the cord or it gets binded up or something happens with them that I have to replace it time and time again. I have gone through probably 6 pull starts in the last year. There has to...
  2. gavin_twitty

    Building Losi from scratch. Need help!!!

    Hey y’all, Im new to the 1/5 scale world lol and I need some help. I need some dimensions on some parts from the Losi 5T, and the Losi 5B. I do ALOT of metal fabrication and a buddy of mine recently let me borrow his aluminum plate of off his Losi 5T in order for me to duplicate it for my own...
  3. Zach619

    Losi 5ive-T 2.0 2 speed transmission?

    So I have seen that there is a 2 speed transmission available for the losi 5ive but I haven’t seen any that say they are compatible with the 2.0 version. I know there is drive shaft alignment differences between the two but I don’t know exactly what they are. So can you use the 2 speed...
  4. misterleon

    Project OJ - Losi 5 build

    Hey guys, my name is rob and I’m new to the forum. I just got a second hand 5 last month the 26th. I’m new to 5th scale but raced tenth scale buggies for a while so this is the first build I’ll ever undertake and probably the only one until my son is old enough for his first rc. The project has...
  5. Zach619

    Which springs should I use for the 5ive

    Stock springs are not cutting it so I have checked it out and have found that there is 3 grades in all. The blue is stock. Red is middle ground and orange is the other end of the spectrum. I am normally a go all out kind of person so I was thinking going with orange but I would like to hear from...
  6. Zach619

    What battery to use for losi 5ive-T?

    I just ordered my losi 5ive-T and I am wondering what battery I should use. I know there is two popular Lopo options but I can’t remember them. Is there any other good options? Is there any nimh options available? I’d rather not go Lipo or buy a new charger.
  7. Sparky26

    5ive B build

    Just got my 5ive B in :cool:. But before I build it I have to build somethings to assist me. Check them out.
  8. Gaffle

    GaFFLe's build =-=-=-= Project 5ive-O =-=-=-=

    The UK came a knockin' today and dropped off a little surprise: My heart was beating as I was looking for anything to tear into that box... ... And now for the GOOD STUFF!
  9. LibertyMKiii

    Losi 5ive models vs DBXL-E

    Lately I have been kicking around the idea of getting a Losi 5th scale. I would do mostly on-road speed. Itseems to me that the differentials and axles are very strong for 8s to 12s usage. Am I wrong? What is the key difference between the models (considering I'll run electric) which has...
  10. Strider1

    Time to give the 5ive a make over ?

    Love my 5ive....but it’s time to change things up....ordered 30 degree body in white, Stars and Stripes wrap....just put those MM giant grips on the other day.....love that tire....rips up everything....lol I will post more pics when the new stuff comes in ?
  11. P

    losi 5ive b

    heres a thread im starting to document the progress and work i do to my 5ive b . This car is absolutely amazing swapped the gearing out from a 23/58 to a 22/56 all blackbone gears ofcourse and i ended up rebuilding the centre diff after seeing how dirty the oil was . any questions regarding the...
  12. M

    Losi 5ive Jumping control

    I'm having a problem with my ass end coming up horribly I know how to fix it while it's in the air but sometimes it's just to much. Should I put the red springs on it and 50 weight oil?
  13. S

    New 5ive clutch

    Hey guys, I recently tore down my 5t that i bought used, and i found that the clutch is worn out.. I was wondering if there are any upgrades to the clutch. The only one i found was the MIP Clutch, it was like 200 bucks, and i was wondering if there is something else?
  14. L

    Losi 5ive-t won't start

    Haven't ran it in a few months. Put in new plug and fresh fuel. Can't get it to crank? Any thoughts?
  15. R

    What Silenced pipe for fm 32cc motor

    Hello, I'm looking for some help on choosing a pipe for my Losi 5ive. I have a new 32cc full mod long block and prefer a silenced pipe to keep peice where I run my truck. I'm running 20/58. I appreciate your input. Aaron
  16. C

    Better to part out? Vs sell complete?

    I'm considering parting out my 5ive project. Was curious if I should part it out or sell as complete? Which do you think would be best? I'm not real familure with the 5th scale market as the prices are much higher then other scales.
  17. R

    Exhaust redirect

    I got the Losi tune pipe,can I cut the tip off and installed copper pipe to redirect the exhaust behind the rear left wheel, its 1/2 inch in diameter
  18. Stevendavis

    Dominator Pipe/Turtle Racing Air Box Install

    Here's a vid of a mod needed to use the dominator pipe with the turtle racing air box on the Losi 5. Use the link in the description to view part 2.
  19. erick2663

    Losi 5t onroad

    Some drifting on my local track [emoji16]
  20. M

    New guy break in question

    So my new 5ive t shows up tomorrow and I plan on breaking it in if it arrives early enough. So my question is the factory says 25:1 on the mix but I see a lot of people running as much as 31:1. Is that something you do after break in or are you guys starting there? Been reading lots of forums...
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