losi baja rey

  1. T

    Aftermarket parts suppliers?

    Looking to see if anyone knows of any companies out that there make aftermarket parts for these yet? Just won one in a raffle and want to beef up any weak points on the truck. Center drive shaft that feeds the rear end is plastic? Looks like it and if that's the case hopefully there's a metal...
  2. WoodiE

    Losi Super Baja Rey is in the final four

    Looks like the Losi Super Baja Rey has made it to the Big Squid RC bash-ness final four! http://www.bigsquidrc.com/march-bash-ness-2018-round-4-final-four/
  3. W

    Super Baja rey is China garbage...avoid imho!

    I respectfully disagree and believe the big squid review was fake. We have put a total of 30 minutes of relativly light field only running on it, no offrading or bashing. Result = broken rear axle and mount. Sorry but in my specific case this is a $1000 pos and a bogey. I should have taken...
  4. W

    Release date for Super Rey??

    does anyone really know why this keeps getting pushed back? I heard january...then early feb...then f eb 22...then early march...now horizon says mid to late march??? I'm impatient I know that but I wonder what gives here???
  5. WoodiE

    Losi Super Baja Rey under the hood

    Good up close look of the Losi Super Baja Rey!
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