losi dbxl-e

  1. Radec

    Mechanical brakes for DBXL-E

    Hey guys im looking for the DBXL-e mechanical brake setup but its discontinued and oos everywhere.. what else can i get to work on a DBXL-e 2.0?
  2. H

    Looking for info parts etc to convert DBXLE2->MTXLE

    This wouldn’t be my first big conversion. I feel like the DBXL-E 2.0 is a great platform. However I don’t much like the Spektrum ESC so that will be one of the first things to go. The 780kv motor seems good. Has anyone looked into running sidebyside motor setup in these? Adding another 780kv and...
  3. malex

    Difficulty Installing CV Boots Over Transmission CV Cups

    Hey All! I'm trying to install new CV boots on my Losi DBXL-E and it's proving near impossible, lol. I got the new boots on the dog bones, no problem. But whenever I try to slide the boot over the transmission cups, the boots just fold and contort and slide every which way except on! Picture...
  4. Clubin

    DBXL Thinking about buying a Losi DBXL-E

    I still have a hpi baja 5 b left. Some of you might remember me. I’ve owned mcd’s, FG’s, redcat’s hpi fifth scales looking at a dbxl-e. anything I should know? My lhs has lots of parts and hoppups. I currently own 2 xmaxx both 8s, two 6s arrma one kraton and a notorious. and a few nitros. A...
  5. LibertyMKiii

    Losi 5ive models vs DBXL-E

    Lately I have been kicking around the idea of getting a Losi 5th scale. I would do mostly on-road speed. Itseems to me that the differentials and axles are very strong for 8s to 12s usage. Am I wrong? What is the key difference between the models (considering I'll run electric) which has...
  6. R

    Can the Losi DBXL-E handle 8s lipo

    Hi there fairly new to the forums and just wanted to know if the losi dbxle drivetrain can handle 8s lipo
  7. ultamotiv

    DBXL-E questions

    Hello, Recently got a dbxl-e for a project i'm working on and have a few questions i hope someone can help me with. A bit of background to give you an idea of what i need, the chassis is going to be fitted with an upper deck to mount things to and needs to be able to carry weight of up to 20kg...
  8. tim3

    Need Advice Converting DBXL-E to MTXL :)

    I have a hankering to turn my DBXLe into a monster truck. What would I need suspension wise to do a conversion? I will gear down because of increase tire size. Would there be need for hex wheel extensions ? I think the chassis shorter on the DBXLe and if it is, that wont bother me. Thanks
  9. M

    DBXL Dual Servo tray + brake servo for E

    Hi folks. I've just completed the conversion of a 5ive to electric with dual steering servo, superb little monster! I've managed -with some tweaking- to keep the disk brakes too. I'd like to do the same with the DBXL-E. I've ordered a brake set (FID) and the servo's needed, I just need to...
  10. Yehonatan Devorkin

    Which Lipo connectors to use on Losi DBXL-E or similar

    Dear all, Which battery connector do you suggest me to use on my Losi DBXL-E RC? I'm using 2x 4 cells Lipo batteries (20C, 60C & 90C). I'm also going to upgrade the Spur\Pinion combo on my Losi soon. My thoughts are about EC5 vs. XT90 AS (anti-spark), but I don't have any experience with them...
  11. F

    DBXL - E Shocks

    Hey All, First post here. Im not new to R/C just new to this place! Im having a hard time finding the correct info about the shock set-up on the DBXL - E. Bought my buggy brand new and it had a leaky rear left shock from the get go, i pulled it apart to find the piston(the plastic piece attached...
  12. Bryan K.

    DBXL-E Aluminum center diff case fits DBXL?

    Hey guys, As title says I'm looking to upgrade my DBXL center diff case. Does anyone know if the DBXL-E aluminum one will work? I was considering the Hot racing aluminum one, but I've heard mostly bad things about the quality of their parts. thanks,
  13. 1

    DBXL E shutting off

    I have a new DBXL E and from the first run I've had problems with the ESC shutting down. It almost seems like an overload issue. For example. Launch from a stop, do a high speed pass and hit the breaks. Half way through breaking I will lose all throttle and brake control. 5 seconds later and I...
  14. J

    Dbxl-e video

    Short stock vid...
  15. K

    Building my DBXle

    Hey Guys new to forum but not new to rc Got my Losi DBXLE LESS THAN a month ago and it went through some changes now Burnt the motor in 2 weeks so upgraded a few parts Here is my list Of mods and Instagram: RBORROW14 Mods Savox SV 0236 Spectrum DX4C SMC 6s 6700mah / 7200 90c Smc 8s...
  16. C

    Where can I find DBXL-E shocks?

    I would like to purchase the shocks from the DBXL-E for my scratch build DBXL... I can't find them ANYWHERE!! Why put a car on the market that u really can't find many stock replacement parts for Yet! What happens when you guys that bought a DBXL-E break something?
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