losi dbxl

  1. YungDawdy

    DBXL !DBXL! shock rebuild !help!

    Hi, I am in the process of rebuilding my dbxl suspension, I have stripped them down to the bottom caps and have came across 3 clear o rings and 3 metal washers (per shock) each on top of one another starting with a clear o ring and a metal washer on top. The clear o rings have some wear on them...
  2. T

    Preferred Lipo for electric vehicles

    Hi All, I currently have a set of Power Hobby 4S 5200mAH 50C and 8000mAH 100C Lipos that I'm not overly impressed with. I'm on the market for some new Lipos for my DBXL that require a good "C" rating. Do people prefer hard case or soft? Quality or quantity? Capacity or quick charge time? Any...
  3. 21bangbang

    DBXL drive shafts.

    I have a question about the 2 diffrent types of shafts available for the Losi DBXL. One being the double ended dogbone and the other having a actual universal joint on one end. I've always run just the dogbones but am considering the universal style. It seems to me to be a better design with...
  4. siblues

    siblues Losi DBXL build

    Just wanted to post a few pics in here of my DBXL and the progress I have made so far.I purchased it new from Tower and it is my first ever 1/5 and other than my three quadcopters my first land based Rc.I will post up future upgrades in this thread and I am going to have tons of questions that...
  5. R

    CY motor identification help!

    Hey guys new to the page. Hoping to get some help. I recently bought a used losi dbxl, guy didnt know much about it. It has a CY chrome motor casing and VIN CY203505. With a zenoah top end kit. I wanna know what the vin is meaning. 23cc,26cc, or bigger ? Any help would be great !
  6. Bryan K.

    Completed DBXL build

    Finished up the build over the weekend. Fuelie 30.5cc motor, stock exhaust canister, several FID/AreaRC upgrades. Went with the stock clutch bell and 20T pinion. The only thing I'm a bit peeved with is the RCMK filter I got from DDM doesn't fit the body without the cut out. I had to end up...
  7. Seandonato73

    DBXL Tear the ole girl down

    Well this will be updated off and on when I get time. It seems there have been a ton of questions about the dbxl platform and as it happens I broke mine on my last outing over Easter. Long story short. Big problem plastic trans mount broke jamming the pinion and super gears together and ended up...
  8. Rcmadman1020

    Mtxl stand

    Hey guys Lately I have been looking for a stand for my Losi MTXL and my Baja 5b... I have looked into a Rocket stand and unfortunately I have been informed that they have discontinued for the MTXL. So I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions of some brands, I have looked into a...
  9. R. Johns

    DBXL aluminum diff towers

    Hello, I want to upgrade the front, rear and center differentials on my Losi DBXL (gas). I plan to (hopefully) upgrade the motor at tax time to something with more power. Not to something with totally insane power but a decent amount, in the five horsepower range (with tuned exhaust). I...
  10. reynenrides

    Brand New Losi DBXL Revving but not moving

    Hello, I just bought a Losi DBXL and when I took it outside to break it in it would barely move, but it did. I figured it must be just that I am not giving it enough throttle and didn't want to give it a lot during the break in. Once I had slowly driven around for about 30 minutes I opened it up...
  11. Andrew

    Losi DBXL motor upgrade

    G'day all just trying to get some advice on a new motor for my losi dbxl. I like going fast what should I be looking at thanks andy
  12. MisterK71

    Pinion Bolt Coming Loose

    Hey Gang! Put an OBR 30.5 in my DBXL (OMG IS IT FAST!), having issues with the pinion bolt working itself loose even after using blue loctite and a lock washer. I am leary of using red loctite as I don't want to break a bolt off or tear up the threads in the end of the crankshaft, any advice on...
  13. D

    Trenchers on stock dbxl wheel

    Does anyone know if the proline front Trenchers 1154-00 fit all around on a stock Losi DBXL wheel? I want to use them to replace the the stock tires but use the stock foam and wheel. I’ve seen some say yes it’s just hard to fit and some say you can’t. So any hands on experience is appreciated.
  14. MisterK71

    Racing the DBXL

    Anyone do any racing with their DBXL? Any advice on set up or anything I could use? I've done a considerable amount of upgrading and work on the car, changing the shocks out for 5T shocks next week, other than that want to know what you all think if you are racing them.
  15. T

    DBXL rear drive shaft

    Well guys, I've heard all the drive pin stories and are now experiencing it first hand. Anybody have experience with the team hoonage shaft and pinion upgrade?
  16. James H.

    DBXL Front Diff Pinion Issue!!

    I took out the front diff and put some heavier diff fluid in... Long story short... when I go to put the diff back into the housing with the pinion it starts kinda grinding. The mesh isnt right for some reason. I have done this kind of thing MANY times before over the years, but for some reason...
  17. James H.

    DBXL Pull Start Acting up on Brand New Engine

    I got my new OBR G320 FM Reed Case Engine installed, and also installed a Victory RC Big Bore Pipe. Everything seemed ok for the first 2 times I started it to do some breaking in on the new motor until the Pull Start started not engaging the flywheel. I can just pull the string out without it...
  18. C

    DBXL Losi DBXL not running.

    Hey guys my Losi DBXL just won't give me nooo throttle at all. Don't know whats wrong, I am new to the 1/5 scale RC but love the heck outta em. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. T

    G320 trouble

    Hey everybody, new to 5th scale and having trouble. Bought a new DBXL and immediately upgraded to a G320. Have dynamite kill switch installed too. Having no luck getting this thing started. Got spark, smelling fuel, rechecked carb settings, switched sparkplug, tried choke/no choke with not...
  20. T

    No losi Mt XL section?

    Maybe I haven't found it but can't find the losi Mt xl section. Or does nobody own one here?
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