1. W

    Losi 5T Need to know!

    I'm picking up a Losi 5T this week. My first gas truck, but not my first gas RC (boats). With that in mind what do I need to know?
  2. Zach619

    Losi 5ive-T pull starter troubles

    Alright everyone I have had my losi for about a year now and I go through pull starts constantly. I either break the cord or it gets binded up or something happens with them that I have to replace it time and time again. I have gone through probably 6 pull starts in the last year. There has to...
  3. Suposa

    Nutech Thunderbolt III Electric Conversion

    Hey guys i found this RC in my mates shed a few days ago along with a baja 5b, still pretty new to all of this but i don't think ive ever seen a Nutech Thunderbolt with this type of conversion before, obviously looks custom, would just like to hear anyones tips or advice on what they think and...
  4. Suposa

    What model is my RC

    Hey guys i found an old 1/5 scale RC in my mates shed along wit an old baja 5b but i cant seem to figure out what model this other one is, its had an electric motor conversion from originally being nitro and I've never seen the set up like this before looks kinda custom, can anyone help me out...
  5. Fuellydblx

    Dbxl battery box

    Hello just got a Losi DBXL few week ago and i was wondering if there are some upgrade or a bigger battery box to accommodate a bigger battery and if possible big enough to put the kill switch inside too.
  6. Zach619

    Losi 5ive-T 2.0 2 speed transmission?

    So I have seen that there is a 2 speed transmission available for the losi 5ive but I haven’t seen any that say they are compatible with the 2.0 version. I know there is drive shaft alignment differences between the two but I don’t know exactly what they are. So can you use the 2 speed...
  7. Zach619

    Which springs should I use for the 5ive

    Stock springs are not cutting it so I have checked it out and have found that there is 3 grades in all. The blue is stock. Red is middle ground and orange is the other end of the spectrum. I am normally a go all out kind of person so I was thinking going with orange but I would like to hear from...
  8. Stevendavis

    Got The New Lid on My MTXL

    Here's a couple pics!
  9. reynenrides

    Brand New Losi DBXL Revving but not moving

    Hello, I just bought a Losi DBXL and when I took it outside to break it in it would barely move, but it did. I figured it must be just that I am not giving it enough throttle and didn't want to give it a lot during the break in. Once I had slowly driven around for about 30 minutes I opened it up...
  10. H

    big bore kit - Losi 5ive t

    I got a losi 5ive t a couple months ago and everything is fine and nothing has broke yet luckily. The losi has a black square box as a air filter and by upgrading it will that increase the performance also should i get a big bore kit and which kit do you recommend The only upgrades i have done...
  11. J

    Rebuilding Losi MTXL Steering Assembly

    Hi All, So technically this is more of an MTXL question, but I am trying to reassemble my truck after needing to replace some broken parts, specifically the Hot-Racing ball-bearing steering system. It is pretty much a direct replacement for the stock system, and therefore not a complicated...
  12. C

    Not able to find parts or upgrades for Losi DBXL

    I bought a dbxl and I'm am finding all the parts I'm looking for come from china. Not sure I wanna wait that long for the parts. Also reading reading online the car will not handle a high HP engine without severe wear to the car. Did I make the wrong choice and headed down the wrong road or am I...
  13. R

    Testing some new Cameras at the Bash....

    The sun is out and we had a great weekend on the golf course with the London All Star Bashers. A Small gathering this weekend includes Bajas, Losi & Vekta - regular Sunday mornings in Enfield North London if anyone wants to join... All done on SJCam SJ5000 + Panasonic HC-V160 - £130 (needs a...
  14. Whoduh

    Losi DBXL-E buggy!!!

    Anyone see this coming? What do ya'll think? http://www.losi.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=LOS05012T2 $999.99...
  15. T

    Losi dbxl shock question

    Hi there, new to the forum, I just got a dbxl a week ago, and my shocks are heavily leaking from the bottom, I am assuming it's the o rings that have worn, would some o rings from eBay be my solution perhaps? Anyone know of the size the o rings are? I don't particularly want to buy an entire...
  16. Bryan K.

    Proline rear 5B Desperado's fit all around? Tire foam options?

    I see this question asked several times, but nobody seems to be able to answer it. Yes, you can run 5B fronts all around the DBXL, but what about running the 5B rear's on all four corners of the DBXL? Are there any issues? I built a brushless DBXL from scratch. It's not quite done yet. I have...
  17. P

    Losi 5ive b build thread

    Here you go guys built this back in October. Been thinking about uploading photos for time . here you go guys hope you enjoy and it helps you . any questions or queries don't hesitate to message on this thread https://goo.gl/photos/3MA4LHnfkkS5CLEw7
  18. P

    Project Build: Hybrid Build

    hi there guys, I'm new to this forum and i would just like to say hello to everyone. I'm creating this thread to document a custom one off build composed of what i believe to be the best parts on the market . I will slowly be posting photos and videos as parts begin to accumulate . I am going to...
  19. K

    Losi 5ive-T Shock Upgrades

    Hey everyone, I so far ran 2 full tanks of gas through the engine. I bought the truck brand new 2 weeks ago. One thing that has bothered me by the truck is the stock shocks. They don't rebound quick enough. The rear shocks sort of sit a bit lower than the front shocks. I assume it's due to the...
  20. D

    Won't go after a tumble

    So I've been breaking in my new dbxl. Had a little few tumbles on second run and started to bog as soon as I accelerate but will still sit and idle fine. Left it for most of the day and took it out again after cleaning out the air filter from that we'll known problem. Had my worst tumble yet...
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