1. Stevendavis

    Instruction Manual for the Hitec HS-1000?

    Can some one post the instruction manual for the Hitec HS-900 or 1000? Thanks.
  2. S

    Fg baja 2wd manual?!

    Where can I get one or can anybody get copies of there's and I'll pay you for it. Thanks
  3. N

    manual for hørmann ht2 tk10

    hello guys... are there anyone ther have a manual over ht2 tk10 car?? cant findt it on there web adress..
  4. T


    Hey guys. Just aquired a tb2 cant wat to run it. Problem is is all dissassembled and i cannot locate a manual for download. Can anyone help
  5. WoodiE

    HPI Baja 5B Manual and Parts List

    HPI Baja 5B RTR Manual(model #:110190) HPI Baja 5B RTR Manual (mirror) HPI Baja 5B RTR Exploded Views HPI Baja Member Gallery: Baja 5B Picture Gallery!!! HPI Baja 5B Parts Listing Chassis Components #102158 - Rear Lower Brace A 6x70x4mm #102159 - Front Upper Brace 6x60x4mm #102160 - Rear...
  6. R

    RS5 F14 Manual

    Just purchased a RS5 F14 and it didn't come with manual. Can someone help?
  7. WoodiE

    Losi Desert Buggy XL (DBXL) Manual and Parts Listing

    Losi Desert Buggy XL Manual(model #:LOS05001) Losi Desert Buggy XL Manual (mirror) Losi DBXL Member Gallery: Show us your DBXL's Losi DBXL Parts Listing #DYN1460 - 6V 1700mAh Ni-MH Receiver Pack, 5C Flat #LOS250006 - Body Panels, Silkscreened #LOS251007 - Roll Cage #LOS251008 - Light Bar...
  8. R

    FG EVO 4 english manual

    Can anyone help find a english fg competion evo manual?
  9. J

    Help/ Instruction manuals

    Hi, I have recently been given a 1/5 truck chassis by my sister-in-law. She found it whilst clearing out her garage. It was taken out of the box about 18 months ago and forgotten about as it had no instructions. I think it is a Smartech bigfoot or ShengQi Petrol RC Monster Truck. There seem to...
  10. voo2doo

    More RC Manuals.

    Cant remember where i put the other manuals but here is another site. J
  11. voo2doo

    RC Manuals

    Most manuals here we might need: also some at J
  12. D

    smartech manual

    hi, im looking for site to download user manaul for smartech 1/6 gas buggy manaul. anyone know where i can go
  13. WoodiE

    Losi 5ive-T Manual & Parts Listing

    Losi 5ive-T 4WD Manual Losi 5ive T Manual (mirror) Losi 5iveT Setup Sheet (mirror) BULLETIN: It has come to our attention that a small quantity of the 5IVE-T trucks were assembled with a shorter than correct length screw to attach the front gear box/skid plate. Before operating your 5IVE-T...
  14. D

    baja 5b manual

    hi, i just got a baja 5b used, looking for manual for it, can anyone help and let me know where i can download one
  15. OuttaLuck

    Zenoah service manuals & other good info
  16. LOST IN MN

    Sold / Found 5SC Kit Manual

    I am looking for a 5SC Kit Manual. If you have one you can part with please let me know thanks.
  17. N

    Rc Manual Heaven

    Guys, finally found this site that offers free manual for anything RC. I've been struggling trying to find an online manual for my Airtronics MX-3S.Searched for days and then I ran into this site. And they also ask visitors to contribute and submit any manual that they might not have yet. And I...
  18. P

    Sold / Found manual for a sanwa mx-3fhss

    :Dlooking for a manual for a sanwa mx-3fhss any help would be great thanks pete
  19. Lan-Ed-Tul

    a thing in manual called BEEZ

    my radio which i got with truck, makes a beep noise every so many secs apart, when i read pdf manual its called BEEZ, something bout voice or another, open or closed, and mines apparently open cause it makes the beep, wondered if i needed to do anything bout that, shut it off, and how, or...
  20. M

    KM-G3 2.4GHz radio manual

    This is the radio system my buggy came with. Where can I download the manual from? I lost the disc and I wan to run the car today for the first time.
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