1. C

    MCD Rally Subaru/Mitsubishi

    Hi 1/5th MCD owners, looking out to buy MCD Rally Vehicles 4x4. Please get in touch if you have something for me 🙏🏽
  2. 454chad

    Redbull mcd

    Anyone know what version this MCD is thanks for the help.
  3. doza28

    Mcd Proline Rally

    Hi , Ive been a member on there for a while having had a couple of Fgs in the past as well as a 5B. My last FG was actually sold to Renbar and still looks like its getting lots of upgrades and new parts on a regular basis! I have always wanted an Mcd rally after seeing the promo videos...
  4. satttheman

    Sold / Found 1/5 Scale Brushless Cars- MCD's, Losi and more

    My lady said I can put another aquarium where these were stored and I'm all for it. Don't get to drive much. Like 10 minutes a week if that. All cars in good condition and have upgrades. Cars are as pictured. MCD X5 Rally Factory Team $2100 MCD W5 Max Factory Team $1750 Losi 5ive-B $1350...
  5. 92 vert

    My MCD and redcat..

    Rally is stock except for a new throttle servo... RR5 has upgraded servo and a boosterpipe exhaust.
  6. WoodiE

    MCD W5 MAX Short Course Truck

    MCD W5 FT Features: Top of the line competition off-road Short Course Truck Easy assembly/dis-assembly Easy maintenance Centralized and compacted parts layout on chassis Elite racing design ultra-durable high performance parts Fifth generation MCD chassis & suspension arms Sophisticated...
  7. D

    Bartolone Racing 30.5cc Reed Case Motor for Losi/HPI/MCD/FG

    Does anyone have any information on this, Bartolone Racing 30.5cc Reed Case Motor for Losi/HPI/MCD/FG quality, performance, speed, power. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.
  8. evssv

    mcd v4 mt Q....

    thougth I`d ask in here as the last post in that section was looong ago...:(.any one know the length of the steering rods/rod end mounting holes on the v4 mt???
  9. C

    New MCD X5 RALLY

    Check this out
  10. D

    new mcd rally x5

    Guy's does anyone have any info re: the release of the x5 rally car from mcd. Hopefully it will be asap! !!...:cool:
  11. D

    mcd v4 monter tires fit redcat rampage mt

    Hi guys will the mcd v4 competition monster truck tires fit the rampage mt?:)
  12. D

    mcd servos

    Hi guys I thinking about buying a mcd w5 sct rtr, just wondering about their servos are they quality, has anyone ever use them. I always use Hi-tech 1/4 servos. Hope to hear from you soon..:)
  13. D

    mcd rr5 Bartolone pipe

    Does anyone have any info on a Bartolone pipe for the rr5, there's a guy selling a rr5 on ebay that have a bartolone on it. just wondering do anyone is this fourm:p have one?
  14. D

    MCD 2 Speed Transmission

    Hi guys, Does anyone know about the mcd 2 speed transmission from china? I know largescale rc use to have them but they haven't been in stock for awhile:o
  15. B

    Sold / Found MCD X4 Rally

    Used less than 4 tanks. Includes Hitec 645 servos, new 2 speed, aftermarket pipe, new 4200 KIller RC lipo $1200 obo, shipped Coolidge, GA 229-221-4690 text only
  16. D

    mcd w5 sct

    Hi don't see a Category for the new mcd w5 sct. Wondering does anyone own one of these and what's your impression of it?:cool:
  17. D

    engine for mcd Rr5

    Hi guy's, just bought a mcd Rr5 roller. Thinking about Zeno 320gr. Looking for some real speed. Do you any suggestions. :o
  18. C

    Mcd rr5 fuel line grommet

    Large scale is sold out of these. Anyone know what will work? Losi and hpi tanks much thicker and the are both too loose on the thin mcd tank
  19. S

    AREA RC rear/front suspension arms for MCD RR5

    AREA RC rear/front suspension arms for MCD RR5 is coming soon,Pls pay attention to our good news.
  20. S

    AREA RC rear/front suspension arms for MCD RR5

    AREA RC rear/front suspension arms for MCD RR5 is coming soon,Pls pay attention to our good news.
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