monster truck

  1. Gordo...

    Kyosho/Clod build

    This is a Kyosho Usa 1 that I rebuilt. I have 2 servos for front and rear steering, much improved over old design. Upgraded shocks steering arms and electronics. Plated the steering slides for added strength new wheels and tires with upgrade hubs. Just a cruiser not a beater. Clod body with...
  2. Suposa

    What make/model is my RC and has anyone seen a brushless set up similar to this or for this model?

    Hey guys i found an old 1/5 scale RC in my mates shed along wit an old baja 5b but i cant seem to figure out what model this other one is, its had an electric motor conversion from originally being nitro and ive never seen the set up like this before looks kinda custom, can anyone help me out...
  3. Stevendavis

    Got The New Lid on My MTXL

    Here's a couple pics!
  4. S

    Losi MTXL looks weird

    (Part number LOS254009) Hi Guys, just got myself a Losi MTXL and the back end looks a bit weird, the wheels point in towards the front of the car and wondered if this was normal Also, the inserts seem to have R/R on both of them I was expected one the say R/L (The pins that go into them don't...
  5. 454chad

    Redbull mcd

    Anyone know what version this MCD is thanks for the help.
  6. E

    General Consensus on the Redcat Rampage XT?

    Hey guys. Looking to get back into the RC scene and am thinking of picking up a 1/5 scale at some point in the future again. I used to have a Losi DBXL, and am now looking into getting a Redcat Rampage XT monster truck. Just curious, what is the general consensus on the redcat rampage line of...
  7. J

    Rebuilding Losi MTXL Steering Assembly

    Hi All, So technically this is more of an MTXL question, but I am trying to reassemble my truck after needing to replace some broken parts, specifically the Hot-Racing ball-bearing steering system. It is pretty much a direct replacement for the stock system, and therefore not a complicated...
  8. voo2doo

    Losi MTXL ..Your opinions count!

    I'm looking into a Losi MT XL and have no clue of what they are like.A few people on here ,especially the older members know I have owned near every large scale thats worth owning but I have never seen one of these trucks in the flesh. So, have any of you folk have or had one , i'd like a good...
  9. evssv

    Sold / Found dbxl mtxl upgrades for sale

    all my bits off my dbxl as I`m gonna sale it now and concentrate on my Baja heres my sales thread off msuk forum
  10. F

    FG Monster truck tires

    Hello I have an fg monster truck 4wd wb 535 that came from the factory with soft tires all around. FG produces 2 more compounds medium and hard. Which compound would you suggest medium or hard? I'm just bashing for fun on almost all type of terrain. I have in mind a set of tires that last long...
  11. evssv

    Sold / Found losi dbxl / mtxl brushless motor mount will ship any where at ur if interested....;)...pls chk my other items...
  12. J

    Alternate Wheels/Tires for Losi MTXL

    I'm looking for an alternative wheel/tire package for my Losi MTXL. The stock set look great and are huge, but it is clear they are just a wee bit too big for the truck and the wobble is robbing it of some power. I'd like to try something a little smaller, perhaps a set that's intended for the...
  13. Butch p

    Brushless mtxl

    hello. i am thinking of purchasing a mtxl but want to go brushless. Does anyone know if the RC Madness bl5 conversion for the dbxl will work in the mtxl. i have looked at the kershaw designs truck also but like the motor mount with the bl5 better. thanks for any input.
  14. W

    Thoughts on Losi MTXL monster truck

    hi guys morning.just want to ask any body have already Losi MTXL monster truck? How about the performance and pipe? We have orders me and my friend..thanks a lot
  15. B

    Fg monster truck issue

    Hey guys My friend has a FG Monster truck seems to be having issues It has tuning front brakes cable ..hitec with 180 oz running rear stock brake and disc....wasn't pulling very good...front or rear...he adjusted them and seems to be braking better.... But now if he shuts radio off , truck...
  16. atom3624

    MTXL v X v Redcat MT v ... PHOTOS.

    Seems like there are several larger scale MT options available. Specifically I would be interested to see a 'side-by-side' of the X-Maxx and the even newer MTXL, but could include the Redcat Rampage MT and FG MT for comparison. Anyone able to oblige at all - know influential people .... ??? Al.
  17. atom3624

    NEW Losi MTXL monster truck

    It's happened. Losi are announcing a NEW MONSTER TRUCK - LARGER SCALE. Seems like its based on the DBXL, not the 5ive-T, and will be called the MTXL. Al.
  18. R

    30cc rc rampage mt won't start

    Rampage MT won't start! I'm in the second stage of the 8hr break in I mixed the fuel 30-1 like it said it started up fine then ran for a bit then died I got it to start again then same thing now won't start it pops off in full choke but won't start I put in new plug and still nothing what do I do?
  19. D

    shock covers for v4 monster truck

    Hi fellows looking for shock covers for my mcd v4 monter truck. I can't find any please advise:rolleyes:
  20. Q

    Sold / Found FG monster truck 4x4

    Hi I live in Sweden and the market för 1/5 scale is pretty small. I am looking för à FG monster truck 4x4 even a broken one or a kit. Would prefer the comp. Edition but it no demand HD
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