1. NYCOBR47cc5iveT

    New Transmitter and Receiver Questions

    hi everyone, I’m new here. I just bought a new Losi 5ive-T with AVC. I am upgrading everything before I run it. All PhatDad driveline stuff, RCMax’s full 7075 version of 7075’s Pro Am Chassis, the 7075 RC Pro Am Front and Rear Diff housings, Billet CNC everything, upgraded servos, Crazy Stu’s...
  2. R

    Losi 5ive-T OBR 30.5cc Pro-Stock Tearing it up!

    My OBR powered Losi 5ive-t tearing it up! love this truck.
  3. M


    Ive tried everything to get my losi 5-t to start. motor has compression and its getting a spark, i keep pulling but it doesn't even sound like it wants to start i even put the carb back to stock settings and readjusted the gap on the coil and checked the reeds but that wasn't the problem either...
  4. Scruffy

    DDM or OBR

    Thinking of getting a new engine for my Baja. Your thoughts on DDM vs OBR
  5. M

    Pull start question

    i just got a new obr 31.8 full mod and the compression stripped the paws on the pull start after I started it 4 times. I don't wanna keep having to order the paws for it. Is the turtle racing pull start worth the money or is it going to have the same problems?
  6. M

    New OBR 31.8

    i just put a new OBR 31.8 engine in my losi, I was just wondering if it should be really stiff when you first start running it. I no it should be stiffer due to higher compression but I feel like I'm gonna rip my arm off when trying to start it. Is there anything to do to fix it.
  7. C

    Obr 46cc

    OBR has a new engine its a 46cc motor for the losi 5. Bottom end seems good but topend looks just average. I would love to see how it compares to a rcmax 46.
  8. D

    Dbxl obr?

    Hi ı am using 27cc stock zenoah On My dbxl. I WANT TO BUY An obr for it. İs this Engine good? http://www.oneillbrothers.com/rc-car/engines/prostock-ported-2-4-bolt-engines/prostock-zenoah-4-bolt-28-5cc.html What are thé differences bethween prostock and Full mod?
  9. B

    I'm doing another. GR340 OBR and tons & tons of high end parts

    Well after the completion of my previous 5ive build. I have decided to do another after finding a killer deal on a running truck with a Gizmo 30.5 full mod. I will be moving the Gizmo motor over to previous build and transferring the OBR 340 over to this one. I'm going a little more involved and...
  10. K

    OBR Spitting a little oil

    Guys, Got a new 7.5HP full MOD OBR for Christmas. Broke it in and run 93 Octane and Castor 927 at 28:1. No matter what I do to tweek high and low, she still spits a tad bit of black oil and makes a bit of a mess on inside left rear wheel (Bartolne pipe). You guys ever experience this?
  11. B

    Lets build a OBR G340RC monster with all the goodies

    I just got done building a GR320 DBXL, and decided I wanted a 5ive also. Well thanks a nicer than normal Christmas bonus from work, I decided lets do it and go all out. OBR got the call for on of the 9.5HP G340RC engines, having a stock 320 in my DBXL and knowing what it can do, i'm almost a...
  12. S

    obr prostock dead in the water...

    so I have not quite 7 tanks of fuel through my obr prostock 30.5cc... It fired it up the other day and ran fine. Stopped to refuel, fired up but sounded like the motor was coming apart... I pulled it out of the chassis, pulled exhaust and carb and I can see severe scoring on the piston....i can...
  13. X

    my new obr prostock

    received my new OBR 30.5 prostock longblock today,, beautiful engine,, have it together now,,, cant wait to run it,, maybe this weekend to break it in,, here is a couple pics
  14. Y

    30.5 obr head

    Hi I have a losi 5t with a engine that I've rebuilt with a obr head,piston, +2mm stroke crank,titanium wrist pin,samba pipe, super bee kill switch and ddm metal gasket set. It's all back together and I just can't get it started I've got compression, spark and fuel I've also set the coil gap...
  15. renbar

    oddified g290 + obr tr case = this

    you take one Zenoah tuned by ian oddie then add o'neil bro's racing tr billet crank case and you get one sick looking motor for the money these bottom ends cost I highly recommend them the quality is second to none just perfect comes with seals and bearings only needs sealer for...
  16. B

    OBR widow maker update

    Hey guys,not to sure how many of you run the widow maker but I do and they have been out of parts for a while now and my new motor for this year has been on hold,well anyway,I called them up today to check the status of my motor and good news,they told me that by Friday they will have all the...
  17. C

    OBR Widowmaker 38 post break in.

    Got the 38 all broke in nice, the victory pipe is sweet, it's loud but with the Turtle Air filter system with the baja element it's taking in big air and putting out big power. I had it in the sweet spot then wrapped up the pipe causing it to be just a bit fat. So at the end of this vid the kid...
  18. jackobyte

    Sold / Found 29.5 OBR Full Mod with Lunatik Rabid Pipe

    Just putting the feelers out at the mo.. Anyone interested in my 29.5 OBR Full Mod with Lunatik Rabid pipe, prob come complete with TR clutch housing, pull start, 668 carb, Msd ht lead.. This has the billet crank housing too..been running this in my Losi 5ive... Done max 6 tanks if that, will...
  19. D

    Is a 30.5 cc OBR Prostock be enough?

    Hi guys! I ordered a prostock 30.5cc zenoah ported by OBR. I bought it with the carb and clutch. I originally ordered it for my baja 5t because the stock engine crankcase cracked. (i was just using anything as an excuse for a new engine) Ordered the engine.... Later that night I stumbled...
  20. R

    Sold / Found Hpi Baja 5b OBR Theme New Build

    Decides to sell up as other commitments command, here is my baja 5b OBR theme new build. Cuctom Shell and Underguard Custom Painted Wing Pitdawg OBR Hudro Dipped Engine/gear Cover Combo Set OBR Prostock 30.5cc 5.5hp Engine (Mesh Mod Done) Turtle Racing Gear Plate Turtle Racing Rear Shock...
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