1. K

    Outerwears Crankcase/Flywheel Cover?

    Is it worth buying? I purchased the pull start cover, it should be at my doorstep soon. Some people are saying I need the crankcase cover as well. Or dust, sand and so on will just get stuck in the pull start cover area. Is this true? Or should I just not put a pull start cover on anyways? I...
  2. MonsterAir

    Pre-Filter Material

    I just came across Outerwears new shroud for the HPI and Losi rigs and been wanting to do something like this myself for my Marder. Anyone have any suggestions on what material to use? http://www.davesmotors.com/outerwears-20-2538-01-pre-filter-shroud-for-hpi-baja-5t-black.html