1. Dan& Gabe

    Which paint to use on body.

    Hi all. Just gettingback into this hobby again after many years away. My first question is which paint is best to paint the body. Many thanks Dan.
  2. Rabidfox50

    Ceramic / High temp paint on pipe?

    Thinking of painting the pipe on my T1000 when it arrives. I hate chrome, always have. Any problems if I do?
  3. trentonrc

    5ive-T Custom Paint for Sale

    New Body for sale 225.00 shipped in the states, and 265 overseas. email please: [email protected] Thanks!
  4. trentonrc

    American Hero

    New stuff I'm working on...
  5. Swerv

    The WRAP flow because you're no Picasso...

    What are the benefits of a wrap vs a Paint job ?