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  1. WoodiE

    HPI Baja 5B Manual and Parts List

    HPI Baja 5B RTR Manual(model #:110190) HPI Baja 5B RTR Manual (mirror) HPI Baja 5B RTR Exploded Views HPI Baja Member Gallery: Baja 5B Picture Gallery!!! HPI Baja 5B Parts Listing Chassis Components #102158 - Rear Lower Brace A 6x70x4mm #102159 - Front Upper Brace 6x60x4mm #102160 - Rear...
  2. WoodiE

    Losi Desert Buggy XL (DBXL) Manual and Parts Listing

    Losi Desert Buggy XL Manual(model #:LOS05001) Losi Desert Buggy XL Manual (mirror) Losi DBXL Member Gallery: Show us your DBXL's Losi DBXL Parts Listing #DYN1460 - 6V 1700mAh Ni-MH Receiver Pack, 5C Flat #LOS250006 - Body Panels, Silkscreened #LOS251007 - Roll Cage #LOS251008 - Light Bar...
  3. cdewalt1985

    Sold / Found WTB: HPI Baja Parts List

    hey guys here is a list of parts I am looking for for my baja, please let me know if you have any of the following or anything else. Thank you T/SC Body Complete Bellcrank Proline Bowtie front B tires rollcage quick release tubes axle extenders tinted rear windows T spark plug gaurd...
  4. WoodiE

    Losi 5ive-T Manual & Parts Listing

    Losi 5ive-T 4WD Manual Losi 5ive T Manual (mirror) Losi 5iveT Setup Sheet (mirror) BULLETIN: It has come to our attention that a small quantity of the 5IVE-T trucks were assembled with a shorter than correct length screw to attach the front gear box/skid plate. Before operating your 5IVE-T...
  5. WoodiE

    Convert Baja 5T to 5SC conversion parts list

    These parts will visually convert your existing HPI Baja 5T into a Baja 5SC. How to convert your HPI Baja 5T into a Baja 5SC #104779 - Rear bumper brace set A #104780 - Mud flap mount set #104782 - Bumper set (front and rear) #104960 - Rear bumper brace set B #104969 - Mud flap set (2pcs)...
  6. WoodiE

    Convert Baja 5B to 5T Conversion parts list

    Parts to visually convert your HPI Baja 5B to Baja 5T. How to convert a HPI Baja 5B to 5T #3273 - Gun metal beadlocks 5t x4 #3330 - Outlaw wheel 120x60mm (front) #3335 - Outlaw wheel 120x65mm (rear) #4437 - Desert buster radial tire HD Comp (front) #4440 - Desert buster arrow tire HD Comp...
  7. No Moa

    FG ST parts list

    hey all, i'm going to attempt to put my FG ST back together, and there is a bunch of parts i need, my list is in German, and i can't read it. So if anyone can give me some direction i would be greatful.
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