1. J


    how does everyone transport their 1/5th scales, do they just toss em in the car/truck, or do you have a rig made up to carry them easily, show what ya got
  2. R

    Porting Templates

    Correct me if I'm wrong but an American firm dark soul was selling porting templates some yrs ago Now I've got an original 26cc hpi donk and a 29cc no name spare engine lying around both running. Wouldn't mind giving this a go and I've got a useless 30cc no name brand I'd like to butcher, sorry...
  3. MonsterAir

    Case Porting.... Is It Worth It?

    I would really like a ESP fully champ ported 30.5cc but $500 is a lot of cash for me right now. So I was looking into buying a stock Zenoah case and putting a 30.5cc ESP ported head on it. That would only run me $275. I have some spare parts already to complete it. I'm just curious how much more...
  4. 5

    Importing to US

    I want a new FG baja (short WB) has anyone imported one from Germany to US?
  5. B

    Porting and Polishing

    Hello guys! Just wondering if anyone has ported and polished thier motors? Is this worth doing? I know a bit about a real motor and just wondering if this is something thats worth doing on a 1/5 scale 5t/5b Thanks for the info guys!! Stevo
  6. 46u

    Sold / Found DarkSoul 2-Bolt Porting Templates

    Price dropped going on eBay Friday. Do to my old bad eyes and old shaky hands I gave up on doing my own porting. These plates are more for matching the cylinder and case then porting. I have all ready tapped one plate so it can be bolted to the cylinder and drilled out the other plate so it can...
  7. hyper 78

    my engine need porting, know where ?

    hi, does anyone know if i can get my 29cc marder race or reed portded in england, around midlands area.want more power without buying new engine.i know where to buy these engines from but would like to keep currentr engine as just bought 29cc bb kit.want to send current engine for this service...
  8. A

    east coast porting???????

    any info or reviews
  9. BiggaJ

    Ever tried porting an engine yourself?

    I have been toying with the idea of initially getting a bigger head on my stock zenoah G27RC engine, maybe taking the 29cc route either going with the stock 29cc stroked/stuffed grank etc. or going for the next step with their 29cc ported head, then I came across this...
  10. sperera

    FG MT G260RC Porting

    Well ive decided to see what a porting my G260 will be like. So I dropped off the FG yeasterday to the local hobby shop for a race port. Its not costing much so even if there's a slight increase in power I wont be dissapointed. The MT has dropped off a bit from what it was like new, its...
  11. sperera

    Porting and Polisishin - Opinions?

    Hello every1, I have a XRC buggy with a 23cc in it. I am not satisfied with the off the line acceleration, quite happy with the top end. I have been looking into fitting a zenoah or cy but my local hobby shop believe they can increase the power of my engine by more than double by porting and...
  12. M

    30cc porting

    Hi, Is it worth port and polishing a 30cc engine out of a 1:5 hengqi Hummer? Or can't it be done?
  13. D

    helpfull ENGINE PORTING tips for all.

    check this out lads on my research for engine info i had this bookmarked so here it maybe helpfull for all. i like to make some contributions to good fourms such as this one. enjoy. in fact for any serious hobbist like myself i would bookmark this page when you click it below,very handy info...
  14. Kaz the Minotaur

    Engine porting - Performance Unlimited

    Is anyone familiar with porting work done by Performance Unlimited? He is in Florida I believe.
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