primal rc

  1. ScDirtyDog

    Primal raminator v3 electronics box?

    Does anyone have a picture of the inside of there raminator electronics box I'm focused on the receiver, I'm everything works properly but I have no range. And from the manual and the way my truck is wired I'm thinking the remote kill maybe causing the issue. If anyone has pics of the inside of...
  2. WoodiE

    Please welcome Primal RC as a new vendor!

    Guys please welcome LSF's newest vendor to the community, @Primal RC! If you haven't heard of them before then you're in for a heck of a treat. Primal RC makes some simply amazing large scale drag race cars, but don't take my word for it - head over to and take a look...
  3. PrimalRC

    New Vendor! Primal RC

    Good morning LSF, We here at Primal RC just signed up to be a vendor here and offer you all some exclusive deals on our new line of vehicles and 1/5 scale parts. I will be making a bunch of announcements very soon once we get fully setup here. In the meantime check out and if...
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