proline racing

  1. D

    Trenchers on stock dbxl wheel

    Does anyone know if the proline front Trenchers 1154-00 fit all around on a stock Losi DBXL wheel? I want to use them to replace the the stock tires but use the stock foam and wheel. I’ve seen some say yes it’s just hard to fit and some say you can’t. So any hands on experience is appreciated.
  2. Whoduh

    Some NEW Pro-Line Tires. FUGITIVES.

  3. doza28

    Mcd Proline Rally

    Hi , Ive been a member on there for a while having had a couple of Fgs in the past as well as a 5B. My last FG was actually sold to Renbar and still looks like its getting lots of upgrades and new parts on a regular basis! I have always wanted an Mcd rally after seeing the promo videos...
  4. Bryan K.

    Proline rear 5B Desperado's fit all around? Tire foam options?

    I see this question asked several times, but nobody seems to be able to answer it. Yes, you can run 5B fronts all around the DBXL, but what about running the 5B rear's on all four corners of the DBXL? Are there any issues? I built a brushless DBXL from scratch. It's not quite done yet. I have...
  5. Rabidfox50

    Proline Desperado 1/5 wheels & Trencher tires, will they fit?

    I'm looking at the Desperado front wheels for my DBXL and mounting Trencher tires on them. Will these work? I know the split sixes will but I like the look of the Desperado wheels better. If so, what inserts would work well?
  6. J

    Foams for Proline Trenchers?

    I have a full set of Baja 5t trenchers that I picked up on DDM's DOTD a few months back, and a set of front Split Six wheels from the LSRC's ridiculous sale about the same time. Been waiting for a rear set of split six to pop up for sale, but am about tired of waiting. Once I get those all I'll...
  7. X

    proline trenchers 5t rear

    are they still being made,??? u cant buy sets anymore,, if u find rear tires ,, they no longer come with foam inserts,, u cant find proline inserts anymore,,, if u can find the split six rims, tires and inserts,, your well over a 100 to 130 bucks,,,just for rear tires,,, and proline shows out...
  8. cdewalt1985

    Sold / Found FS: Proline Tires mounted and Outterwears Shroud $80 Shipped

    I have 2 sets of rear tires Proline Bowties Proline Badlands Both are mounted on rims with foams and will both come with grey beadlocks and will be cleaned. Asking $65 Shipped for both sets Outterwears Shroud No rips, tears, or holes Asking $35 Shipped Take it all for $80 shipped Shipped...
  9. G

    Mcd proline, are they worth buying, can you still buy spares?

    Hi I'm wanting a mcd rally, I've seen a mint proline but not sure if parts are still available and is the car still good or out dated? I'm using it on car parks and I don't race, so is it worth buying or should I wait a bit longer for a x4 cheers
  10. starletfever

    my mcd proline and fg astra

  11. D

    Sold / Found WANTED.. Mcd rally... Proline

    Looking for an mcd rally proline.. Preferably a compitition version or an upgraded car.. But all cars considered.. I already have an x4 and had a blueline and now want a proline. I have a full alloy Fg sportline with carbon parts and an oddified engine which I'm considering parting with if...
  12. M

    Sold / Found Proline Bowties on Desperados or the clones by Rovan

    I want to buy a gently used pair of Proline rear Bowties with Desperado wheels made for the Hpi Baja 5B. Rovan has some look-a-likes that would be good enough for my needs. Let me know what you have and the cost to deliver to Houston, TX 77079.
  13. pete379

    Sold / Found Proline trencher tires mounted on split six rims for baja 5t

    I have 4 proline rear trencher tires mounted on split six rims for the baja 5t for sale. These have very little use on them and are in great shape. Asking 80.00 shipped in lower 48 states. I except paypal only, any questions feel free to ask. Sent from my Motorola Electrify using Xparent...
  14. cdewalt1985

    Sold / Found FS: HPI Baja Proline Bug Body (mint)

    Hey guys trying to sell my mint vw bug body, Never ran, no cracks or chips, Asking $130+Shipping or trade for Woodster Widebody
  15. cdewalt1985

    Sold / Found WTT: Proline VW Bug Body for SC Body

    hey guys wanna see if anyone is interested in trading my proline VW Bug body for a SC Aftermarket body if so let me know Bug body has no cracks or chips anywhere
  16. J

    Sold / Found Proline trenchers for baja T or SC

    Full set of proline trenchers on hpi outlaw rims with silverback rc beadlocks. 1/2 gal. of time on sand, the rest on grass. Going onroad now and don't need them. $125 shipped
  17. A

    Sold / Found Wanted Proline VW body

    Looking for a New or custom painted proline VW body to fit Baja5t pls PM me
  18. R

    Proline Trofeo Truck Body Cancelled?

    I heard rumor of the Proline Trofeo Truck Body being cancelled, does anybody have information on this? I hope not its a sweet body.
  19. ari_v

    Mcd proline rally and baja 5b v2

    hi everyone.. my names ali from Turkey I've got mcd rally and baja 5b v2 but a very short while ago mcd onroad vehicle sold I want to get fg onroad vehicles Waiting for advice on this issue not have much information Which fg onroad model would be appropriate for me? MCD PROLİNE RALLY WİTH...
  20. S

    Sold / Found WTB Proline Shorty Reed

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a proline shorty reed valve. if anybody can help me to find one or refer any of his friends who has one to this thread. Always Appreciated. Note:i am looking for a proline specifically not oneils reed valve. send me a pm please. Thank you. Edit/Delete Message
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