pull start

  1. GoneRogue

    Rovan easy pull start retention

    So i'm trying to take apart my pull start as there is no longer any retention since the knot undid on the handle and the rope shot back into the pull start. However the bolt that hold the spring in does not seem to come loose as the whole system spins instead of loosening, any thoughts on a way...
  2. Zach619

    Losi 5ive-T pull starter troubles

    Alright everyone I have had my losi for about a year now and I go through pull starts constantly. I either break the cord or it gets binded up or something happens with them that I have to replace it time and time again. I have gone through probably 6 pull starts in the last year. There has to...
  3. Smietana

    Baja noise - turtle pull starter?

    Hi, I've got some problem with, I suppose, turtle pull starter. Look at the videos please. Noise: Turtle pull starter inside: What can be wrong?
  4. James H.

    DBXL Pull Start Acting up on Brand New Engine

    I got my new OBR G320 FM Reed Case Engine installed, and also installed a Victory RC Big Bore Pipe. Everything seemed ok for the first 2 times I started it to do some breaking in on the new motor until the Pull Start started not engaging the flywheel. I can just pull the string out without it...
  5. Spoogity Woogums

    I broke my pull starter, suggestions?

    SoI went to the park to get in some driving, pulled the starter gently on choke to get some juices flowing, un-choked, one full pull and it didn't retract. I pulled the yank off it after loosening screws and the rope pulled back in. I got this (pic below) Replacement suggestions? It's still the...
  6. C

    Need new pullstart for 29cc

    Hi guys.....and girls!!! I've been trawling the web for a decent fg parts site but the only ones I can find are sooooo expensive.!!!!! I'm after a new pull start for my 29cc fg marker can anyone help me please??? Thanks Chris
  7. Rabidfox50

    Anyone use a drill start instead of pull start?

    I was looking at a few drill start kits out there on the interwebz and was wondering if anyone has them. My Associated MGT had one and it was a joy to use. Looking to put one on my T1000.
  8. crankestein

    Pull start DIY dust cover & fuel cap mod

    I own both, the X2 and a KM Baja, the 4WD engine location makes it enough to only use a outerwear. No matter where the truck is bashed the pull start back of the engine is protected as it is centralized in the chassis. On the Baja the engine is part of the chassis support, like a puzzle, and it...
  9. M

    Pull start question

    i just got a new obr 31.8 full mod and the compression stripped the paws on the pull start after I started it 4 times. I don't wanna keep having to order the paws for it. Is the turtle racing pull start worth the money or is it going to have the same problems?
  10. R

    Pull Start Annoying...

    Hi, I have been though soo many pull starts - they last about 5-7 runs, and only about 3 sessions in wet muddy conditions (like now). They are the metal pawl variety, have outwears on them, and are covered by the truck undertray and side guard and insulated with sponge, to keep gunk to a...
  11. P

    Pull start

    I have an hpi Baja 5s, the pullstart sticks a lot, and makes it hard to get it started , because I can never get two good pulls in a row, can ANYBODY help me on this ?
  12. Revolauncher

    FID Racing pull start review

    I purchased this to replace my worn stock CY pull start with alloy starting pawl. I wear out 2 of these a season on average and usually 1 flywheel starter cup where it intersects. Fed up with this, I was about to drop the $120 required on a Turtle Racing V2 pull start when I came across this...
  13. W

    Pull start trouble

    Hello everyone. Well after a tank and a half (just like my research stated) pull start took a dump. It won't turn the engine. Took it apart to check what the defect was. Coil was still good, cable had no problems. Tried to remove that center screw to check deeper and "wow!" Is that screw...
  14. K

    FG Monster Jeep Pull Start problems??

    Hello everyone! I have a allmost brand new FG monster Jeep (on my 3'rd tank of fuel) Last time i parked it I ran out of battery on the servo, so it had to charge. But when I was trying to start it again now the pull start doesn't connect to the enigine. And I cant really figure out what the...
  15. S

    Turtle racing pull start?

    I just got my OBR engine with the TR pull start on it. After 3 pulls, it appears the spring broke inside. I would assume it was a manufacturing defect and not TR's fault. Has anyone have any experience with this unit? Should I get it repaired or look for something else?
  16. X

    Has anyone used rb filter pull start

    okay here is the system RB Innovations Pull Start Filter System 5B/5T/5SC http://www.davesmotors.com/af380_2.html I am thinking of ordering but was hoping to get some opions first.
  17. S

    need to find pull start

    Hello need help to find the correct type of pull start for my smartech uno buggy 28 cc in Ebay see below the type
  18. F

    pull start

    Hello after several pulling the pull start Is released\slack (the cable) What is the reason? any guide thanks
  19. R

    Sold / Found Billet Pull Start Handle

    Billet Pull Start Handle for sale - £7.00 posted - SOLD please pm me UK only
  20. K

    Fuelie 26cc pull start options

    Is there any other option for starting the fuelie 26cc engine, Just started baja 5b for first time ran great, filled up and pull start snapped. Any other options which has a stronger piece of string !!!! Kanga
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