1. J

    Bashing or racing near Syracuse,NY?

    I know of a track or two east of here about 90mins but looking for something closer. A buddy and I would mostly like to bash but wouldn't mind racing a little for fun.
  2. Keith Bachand

    Considering the redcat racing rampage xb

    Hello everyone! I'm in the research phase of purchasing a buggy either gas or nitro 1/8 scale or 1/5 scale and I'm very interested in the rampage xb due to price point and it seems from videos to be a decent buggy. Primary uses will be just for fun in grass (backyard bashing) and if I can...
  3. G

    FS racing 1/5 petrol cars

    FS racingart . cars : HPI baja 1/5 wheels and tyres slot straight onto these cars ,,,,24mm Hex. Much better than FS have on offer. Recommend " FS 4wd conversion kit " with " Madmax Big Digger tyres 170 x 80" on Baja rear wheels front and back ,for good fun off roading. have...
  4. D

    Bartolone Racing 30.5cc Reed Case Motor for Losi/HPI/MCD/FG

    Does anyone have any information on this, Bartolone Racing 30.5cc Reed Case Motor for Losi/HPI/MCD/FG quality, performance, speed, power. Thanks hope to hear from you soon.
  5. crankestein

    Oskart 1/2 scale RC racing Go-Kart

    Oskart 1/2 scale RC. This thing is sweet, saw the video in stock trim, not bad. Uses the very cheap engine mounted on pocket bikes, which there are tons of aftermarkets parts, big bore, CH, etc. Doing some research, its in the almost 2K, one is paying a premium for the scale look. I always...
  6. FangsCPO

    TLR Five-B 4WD Racing Kit: My First Look

    We all got to witness a new "soon to be release" 5th Scale entry during Round #3 of the Chase Off-Road Race Series (C.O.R.R.S.)......the TLR 5ive-B 4WD Racing Kit. All I can say is, Chris Higa you and your development team have hit it out of the park. This buggy is going to be a winner!!! Enjoy...
  7. M

    Eastern North Carolina

    Any one running 1/5 races in eastern NC ?
  8. 2Fast

    Turtle Racing Servo Saver

    Will a @TurtleRacing servo saver work on a Rovan RC 305 SC? I do not want a plastic new one but unsure if the Turtle Racing servo saver will work on a Rovan. Could not find a post on this.
  9. V

    New bartolone racing motor is in

    Picked up a bartolone racing ported g320 for a discount. Very very strong running motor. Installed it along with his clutch carrier and chassis braces. All quality stuff. Runs great with his unsilenced pipe. Just breaking it in and it will spin all 4 tires in the driveway at half throttle.
  10. omalley72

    G320 w/Turtle Racing

    I picked up a G320, TR Clutch housing, TR clutch bell carrier, and TR clutch bell. When all TR parts are installed, the pinion no longer spins freely. It acts as if the clutch was engaged. When I pulled it back a part to see what going on, it looks like the clutch bell is making contact with the...
  11. M

    1/5 racing NC

    Does anyone know of any tracks on the eastern side of nc that let you run 1/5 ????
  12. Stevendavis

    Dominator Pipe/Turtle Racing Air Box Install

    Here's a vid of a mod needed to use the dominator pipe with the turtle racing air box on the Losi 5. Use the link in the description to view part 2.
  13. V

    5th Scale Onroad Racing in Texas

    5th Scale Onroad Racing in Texas If you have or are considering 1/5 scale On-road racing, Juan Blaylock from the Dallas / Ft. Worth area is working with the director of the SWCS (Southwest Championship Series) to include 1/5 scale On-road racing in the 2016 series. To keep up with what's...
  14. Q

    Endicott, NE Raceway -- Dirt Oval racing

    Mod "A" class rollover. These are all OBR motors in these cars. Hard to tell but this track has a lot of banking and unfortunately this was late in the night when it started to get dusty and slick. Earlier in the night when there was traction they were pulling the left front most of the way...
  15. Revolauncher

    FID Racing pull start review

    I purchased this to replace my worn stock CY pull start with alloy starting pawl. I wear out 2 of these a season on average and usually 1 flywheel starter cup where it intersects. Fed up with this, I was about to drop the $120 required on a Turtle Racing V2 pull start when I came across this...
  16. Q

    Banked oval racing with the 5b

    Our local racetrack. Racing the HPI 5b's and clones at the local raceway. We run IMCA modified bodies
  17. F

    DGI Racing Turnbuckle for LOSI 5IVE

    Hi Guys I'm new to the losi 5ive. Saw the DGI Racing buckle kit for the losi 5ive. Decided to pull the trigger and purchase a set. Honestly, they should have listed the kit as. "Raw material set to build your own turnbuckle kit". I see DGI is a sponser for this forum. I hope they take some...
  18. ProRodeoMC

    5ifth Scale Racing this Sunday at RC Acres in Hamilton, ON

    This Sunday brings "Points Race #5" of the Ontario Fifth Scale Off Road Championship... If you've been out this year for the series, we look forward to re-visiting. If you haven't... join us anyway, we have individual race awards, just treat it as a trophy race. Race #5 of the Ontario...
  19. MonsterAir

    Anybody Have Experience w/ SP Racing Tires?

    Came across these while searching the web. At $60 a set I was thinking about picking up a pair for my buggy. Anyone ever run them?
  20. C

    Racing my Losi 5T

    I have had my Losi now for about 6 weeks or so. Made several upgrades both for performance and appearance. I was wondering how those of you that enter racing competitions go about finding a place to race. I would think you belong to rc clubs. I'm in Miami and haven't really found any...
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