rampage mt

  1. ZRC

    Motor locked up

    Damn! Rampage MT V3 motor didn't make it through break-in cycles. Took the motor apart and found wrist pin needle bearing broke in pieces. Starting to hate gas already and it's my first gas RC. Debating on brushless conversion or Renoah G320. I love brushless, so much easier operate and maintain.
  2. Tony Brewer

    Where can I get a Gravedigger body for Rampage MT?

    Does anyone know where I can find a GraveDigger body for my truck.Do they even make one for a 1/5 scale. The frame work may be a problem, but I would like to try.
  3. incloud

    What Not To Do?

    Lol, Hi everyone, I'm Bobby. I just joined and told about myself here if you want to know my story. I'm about to pull the trigger, actually almost did and backed out, on the Rampage MT. Mixed messages online have stopped me. So I came to this forum to get advice and justify spending 800 bucks on...
  4. G-Man

    Rampage MT Upgrades

    New to this group and have not shared my Rampage MT. Here are a few pics of what I have done to it. Check it out. Thanks!!
  5. R

    30cc rc rampage mt won't start

    Rampage MT won't start! I'm in the second stage of the 8hr break in I mixed the fuel 30-1 like it said it started up fine then ran for a bit then died I got it to start again then same thing now won't start it pops off in full choke but won't start I put in new plug and still nothing what do I do?
  6. blackedoutmt

    CXT Body on Rampage Mt

    For show no bashing of course
  7. D

    mcd v4 monter tires fit redcat rampage mt

    Hi guys will the mcd v4 competition monster truck tires fit the rampage mt?:)
  8. C

    Sold / Found Trade Rampage MT

    Winter project. Completely rebuilt. Starting with the new v.3 chassis. All ne bearings from Fast Eddy. All new drive shafts with boots. Differentials have been rebuilt and lubed. Alloy shock towers front and rear. All shock rebuilt with new shock socks. All servos are metal geared Hi-Tec. Dual...
  9. R

    need help with belt drive Rampage mt pro

    Hello, hoping somebody can help me, I purchased a V5 1:1 belt from ebay. Seller is from Germany (Stern-cnc) my idler shaft is too short and clutch bell shaft barely has any threads to use the nyloc nut. It said for use with redcat so i did foresee any issues. Do i need to order additional parts...
  10. KauseKaos

    Sold / Found FS Redcat Racing Rampage MT V3 and parts

    Well after buying it and never really using it I've decided to sell it and because I bought a Yeti XL lol. It has about 5 or 6 Tanks thru it. I did install some upgrades. (990 carb, intake, outwears etc). I will be offering it 2 ways, with everything and then w/o Pipe and Kill switch, since I...
  11. C

    Rampage MT brushless

    Got the monster all set up. New batteries and speed controller. Installed all new hardware. Mounted the body way low. Ran it on a wet street in front of the house. I do believe this electric launches harder than my gas MT! It certainly hauls the freight. I got a lot of info from Kershawdesigns...
  12. C

    1:5th scale brushless Rampage MT

    I just got a super deal on a brushless MT. Based on the Kershaw Designs. http://www.kershawdesigns.com/Products.htm The make a nice product. The truck has a Leopard motor 910kv and a 150 amp ESC. It runs a 6s 22.2 v Lipo. Gets about 15-20 minutes per run. I have used lipo's in my DJI Phantom...
  13. G

    Brand new rampage mt no spark

    Thought I would start up my new rampage mt that I just got and found out I have no spark. I took the plug and tried it in my weedwacker and it works fine. What else can I check. Not looking forward to seeing what kind of customer service I will get from redcat.
  14. V

    Rampage MT with TT pipe

    picked up a XB pipe for next to nothing and man what a increase in power and i love the look
  15. M

    Redcat rampage MT CVA's

    What are you guys doing to make the CVA joints live longer? They just seem to wear out and sometimes gall after a day of bashing. I wish these were built better.
  16. C

    Sold / Found Red Cat Rampage MT truck parts

    just going to throw the rest in the spare parts box.
  17. J

    Sold / Found Rampage MT tuned pipe

    I have a brand new MT. I purchased a Walbro 813 and now I'm looking for a Jetpro,ddm,cpi pipe of some sort if there's any to be had. Thanks a bunch
  18. C

    Redcat Rampage MT using MCD W5 Body?

    Looking to possibly go with another body to get more of an SCT feel. Other than the Proline 5T Desert Rat, anyone know for sure if the MCD W5 Body will fit the Rampage MT? If so, what mods (if any) have to be done to get it to fit?
  19. P

    Sold / Found WTB Redcat Rampage MT/TT

    Looking for a roller, fixer upper or used running for decent price. Would like a project basically. PM me with what you got, thanks
  20. J

    Sold / Found redcat rampage mt

    looking to buy a rampage mt in good shape
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