rampage tt

  1. K

    Sold / Found Redcat rampage TT

    Any interest? It's got a jetpro pipe, tgn air filter and stack. Two receiver batteries w charger. Remote n receiver. Also has the new belt drive system. It's a v1 w the 23cc pro engine with 3 tanks of gas thru it. I'd like to get 700 shipped but will entertain offers!
  2. M

    Modded Redcat Rampage TT

    Well.... this is a new TT V2 I bought this winter, I play with it since a few monts, and all I can say, is I love it. The engine I installed in it is the new 36mm 4 bolt zenoah, I make it a 29.5cc with a +1mm stuffed crank, and a very light porting job in it, i plan more porting later, but...
  3. Forist72

    My Redcat Rampage TT 30.5cc on road

  4. Forist72

    Rampage TT video 10

    3 crashes and only wing broke tough buggy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nseBtsrvDic
  5. F

    Pics and video of my Brushless Rampage TT

    It runs 10s lipo on a CC Hydra HV 240 and a Castle Neu 2217.
  6. K

    Exhaust pipes for Rampage TT / MT

    Gentlemen, Please share some pics of different kind of exhaust pipes you have on your Rampage. I would like to have an idea of how each look and fit. Right now I have FD158 Dominator side pipe on mine but I also like "GBE hornet" and the "fast" pipe (see pics). Will these fit Rampage? Any...
  7. W

    a video of my rampage tt

    this has a 30.5 don't have this motor no more it has a sprint 77 dom pipe with a desert rat body
  8. fastlane

    Rampage TT w/ CPI Big Bore Pipe

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29x8DROdgww This is a rampage TT converted to desert truck. I'm running a ESP race ported 28.9cc. I am going to a OBR full mod 27.2 soon.
  9. C

    5Bss or Redcat Rampage TT

    I am looking at these to 1/5 scales and wanting any info on witch to buy. I like bashing basicly. My cousin just bought the 5Bss and I love it but I noticed some issues. Slides around alot (2wd) and seems to chew up the rear tires. I have never drove the Redcat but I think 4wd would be an...
  10. S

    how does the rampage tt compare to the baja 5b ss

    thinking of trading my baja for a rampage tt what do you guys think
  11. M

    MCD vs HPI baja, FG2wd, FG4wd, Rampage TT.

    I'm new to this large scale guys so correct me if I'm wrong.....but I'm definitely getting a 1:5. I've done some preliminary research, which is of course youtube. These are the videos i have found....No doubt most of you guys have seen most of these, if not all.....I'll post it up...
  12. RAMTech-RC

    Rampage TT5 V2 Buggy Rollers in stock now!!

    I have the Rampage 4x4 buggy roller (TT5-V2) in stock now: RampageHopUps 4x4 Rampage Roller $579 It comes without radio, servos or motor. Most of you guys already have enough of those, so its a very good deal for someone who want to fool around with 4x4 and not break the bank.
  13. V

    Running the Rampage TT on the Track

    Hey Guys we have been track testing a Rampage TT Buggy on our 5th scale track here in Brooks Ga. After two gallons through it (Maxima 927 at 32 to 1) I can honestly say they are pretty tough and handling is pretty good (way better than MCD) . More to come... 1/5 scale series coming up...
  14. A

    Alvaspeed Rampage TT

    I hope you like it.
  15. looker2756

    Track Testing my new Rampage TT

    I finally finished my Rampage TT. It made it almost a week in the new clean form, before I took it to the track & thouroughly tested it. I left most stock to do my own testing on what would break, or have problems. On my first run, in less than 1/2 a tank of fuel, I had issues with Rear dogbone...
  16. M

    redcat Rampage TT

    hey i am interested in the redcat rampage tt buggy how does it hold up and what clone is it from please all info is greatful my wife is interested in getting into the hobby i have a fhmt and she likes the buggies so pleasee all help is great ty murphyslaw
  17. WoodiE

    Redcat Racing Rampage TT5

    23cc CY Gasoline Engine 4 Wheel Drive Assembled and Ready to Run Includes 2 Channel Remote Control Aluminum Oil Filled Shocks Aluminum Shock Tower Availability Approximately June 9th (Updated) Suggested Retail Price - Under $1000
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