rampage xb

  1. Keith Bachand

    Considering the redcat racing rampage xb

    Hello everyone! I'm in the research phase of purchasing a buggy either gas or nitro 1/8 scale or 1/5 scale and I'm very interested in the rampage xb due to price point and it seems from videos to be a decent buggy. Primary uses will be just for fun in grass (backyard bashing) and if I can...
  2. M

    Rampage XB Winter project

    Must be winter again so new project. I decided to give the XB a fresh new design and look. What it looked like (thread) - G320 stock or Full mod OBR G340 Reed - Jetpro side pipe - all metal drivetrain - 7075rc diff cases - Dual Hitec HS-5805MG steering servos - new servo brackets - Custom...
  3. Kevhuff23

    Carbon Kevlar Rampage XB body

    Custom made Carbon Kevlar wide body I made for my Redcat Rampage XB. Thought I would share and see what you guys think. Vented for air intake and engine cooling turned out pretty good a few imperfections but not bad I'm happy with it and its nearly indestructible and looks amazing pics don't...
  4. B

    rampage xb

    hey i have the rampage xb and need some answers.... it starts and runs when cold but when it gets warm it dies out and wont start again till it cool way down don't kno what going on:mad:
  5. N

    Redcat Rampage Xb or King Motor Baja Ksrc-002 b

    Im new to the hobby an cant decide on these 2 buggy would like some feedback on the 2 please an not looking to start a big bashing thread on the 2 just would like some feedback an opinions please
  6. dgiracing

    rampage xb twin bashing

  7. Wicked

    Sold / Found FS/FT: HPI Baja and Redcat Rampage XB

    Ok looking to sell or trade My hpi baja and Ramapge XB. ONLY TRADES! I will consider have to be related to large scale. I am looking for a mint 2wd FG baja, marder or stadium truck. Would also considered a sportsline. Canada only please. $1200.00 takes both. HPI baja rtr. Will...
  8. dgiracing

    DGI Racing rampage XB 57cc rcmk project

    DGI Racing rampage XB 57cc rcmk project First run Enjoy!!!!
  9. M

    Sold / Found Rampage xb

    I have a Rampage xb that does not have the gear plate and all the stuff that goes on the gearplate, does come with a snappy kit installed on tank. Asking 220. Needs gearplate,bearings,shafts and then will be rtr.
  10. M

    Rampage XB

    Opinions on the XB rtr ? Compared to the fg Baja or the mcd sport buggy ?
  11. 1

    Sold / Found Rampage XB

    I have a nice Rampage XB for sale. It's all original, runs great. It could use a new body, but otherwise everything else is in great shape. Nothing broken, runs great, drives great. Comes RTR. Included is the car as shown, original TX, and I also have the gear cover for it that's not shown...
  12. cdewalt1985

    Sold / Found FS: Redcat Rampage XB 30cc

    Ok guys putting up for sale my 30cc Rampage XB. I don't have enough time for 5 gassers so time for it to go. This is sold AS IS due to nature of hobby and will only be shipped to CON US Only. Payment will be accepted via Paypal Only so everyone is covered. The asking price is $500 Shipped in the...
  13. cdewalt1985

    Just Installed Killer Bee V1 On My Rampage XB

    Here is some pics of the install, went very well, yes it is a used V1 but its new to me.
  14. K

    Sold / Found 7075 RC Package For Redcat Rampage XB-E

    I have a 7075 RC Motor Mount Package Deal here, it contains the Motor cam for a Leopard 5692 motor, two 48tooth spur gears, a 10tooth pinion for an 8mm shaft, and a 11tooth pinion for an 8mm shaft, the 7075 RC chassis bar, the motor mount, and I'm also including a programmer for the stock ESC...
  15. K

    Sold / Found Redcat Rampage XB-E

    Selling my Redcat Rampage XB-E.... Its 100% complete and ready to run, comes with two venom 5000mah batteries, an onyx 230 battery charger, an extra body, 7075rc c-hubs & hubs all around, 7075rc wheel adapters and proline bowties all around. Comes with the stock c-hubs and hubs as well. Comes...
  16. J

    what's the biggest wheels you can put on the rampage XB

    hey guys im new hear an new to the 1/5th scale raceing but love it i have the rampage XB 30.5cc 4X4 ,big really is better :lol: hah so im looking to up grade my XB in to one bad a$$ buggy an want to know what ppl have to say an i would like to start with the wheels an i wana go big as i can any...
  17. GreenLep

    Sold / Found Redcat Rampage xb roller

    Have my XB for sale. Really doesn't have very much runtime on it, and was used mostly onroad. It comes with a custom fit and painted body. The body was designed to use with a can style exhaust. Has a front xt bumper as well as front xt body mounts. The roller has baja wheel adapters installed...
  18. 46u

    Rampage XB CPI pipe

    For those that might be interested I got a reply from Mike at CPI about the Rampage pipe he makes. On his web site it is mounted on a TT and was not sure it would fit on a XB. Come to find out he makes a mounting kit to mount it on the TT and one to mount it XB. So if any one orders one make...
  19. L

    Modified Rampage XB videos...

    Here is a prerace video and couple laps with modified HPI Baja 5T.:cup-1: and third vid end of the page. Hope you`ll enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTBUuxVbBdo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w3AL-lmhMs
  20. csp1971

    Rampage MT & Rampage XB

    It's arrived! (same posting as on redcatrampageforums.com) Packed nicely, tons of foam peanuts, but nice and secure. Clear body. It was what I expected, so no real disappointments. Now for my own personal observations. Likes: 1) Tires, I like'em. Do I just glue the reinforcement...
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