rampage xt

  1. R

    Redcat rampage xt

    I just purchased the rampage 1/5 scale gas . Before you ask this is my first RC truck of this caliber and first gas powered truck as well . I've owned this truck for a week and maybe was able to use it once for more than 5 minutes before it dies while trying to brake . Once it dies it will not...
  2. E

    Redcat Rampage XT or XB any good?

    Hey guys. I'm considering the Rampage XT or XB as one of my next RC's in the future. I've mainly dealt with 1/10 scale electric and had a Losi DBXL that I sold when I got out of the hobby. I've been bit with the gas bug again, and am looking into either the XT or XB. Are both of these trucks...
  3. E

    General Consensus on the Redcat Rampage XT?

    Hey guys. Looking to get back into the RC scene and am thinking of picking up a 1/5 scale at some point in the future again. I used to have a Losi DBXL, and am now looking into getting a Redcat Rampage XT monster truck. Just curious, what is the general consensus on the redcat rampage line of...
  4. R

    Help with Rampage XT

    Hey yall....I'm new to this world. Just bought Rampage xt 3 weeks ago. Throttle/ braking servo fried already. Any recommendations for an upgrade? Hite seems to the most popular. Cheers for any assistance....
  5. mailmanx

    New Old Rampage XT-E

    QUESTION 1: Is there any place on the internet where it is still possible to buy improved drivetrain components for the Rampage XT? QUESTION 2: With an XT-E running on 8S with a stock chassis and drivetrain, what are my immediate concerns? OVERVIEW AND DETAILS I've enjoyed 1/8 scale brushless...
  6. G

    Rampage XTE 8S or Traxxas 8s

    Tossed between getting a Kershaw Rampage xte 8s or the traxxas x-maxx 8s... Looking for SPEED and durability... Don't want to sacrifice one for the other... Any thoughts???
  7. D

    Rampage XT

    I'm new to the redcat family of 1/5 scale trucks but this truck has been a nightmare. I'm curious if anybody else feels this way. Ok so on to my topic..... once I finally got this truck going I went through 4 tanks now and the gear mesh seems to be binding an awful lot so I started pulling...
  8. E

    Redcat Rampage XT-E? .

    I bought a Rampage MT V3 about a month ago and I liked it so much that I just bought the wife an Rampage XT-E. I don't know much about the electric rc so was wanting to know if there is a forum specific to 1/5 scale electric or if people in here know about them. I don't have any specific...
  9. S

    just bought a rampage xt

    Well just bought a rampage XT truck. Didn't mean to but I think I got a good deal at under 400. Anyway was on flea bay and trying to get an Mt. Had a bunch of windows open with several auctions ending clicked bid on this with 10 sec. Left and won it then realized it was an xt. So any thing I...
  10. J

    rampage xt Price

    I have a rampage xt I ran it 4 times. The first time the bearings fell out. Then the list keeps going. Sorry to say its junk. Redcat support is worthless. I have a guy who wants to buy it what is a fair price? There are no upgardes just new bearings. So it needs alot of work servo...
  11. B

    Sold / Found Servos for Rampage xt

    Looking for upgrades steering and throttle servos. Thanks. 2
  12. Melski415

    Sold / Found Wtb/wtt for redcat rampage xt/mt truck

    I can also trade my modded hpi 5sc with obr fm engine for a modded mt pro. Let me know what you have shipped to Cali. Thx
  13. cdewalt1985

    Sold / Found FS: Redcat Rampage XT XB Parts NIB

    I have a few new parts for sale for redcat rampage xb xt Prices are shipped with tracking to Con US Front Lower Suspension Arms NIB $15 Differential Joint Cups NIB $15 Front Sway Bar used $5 Pm me for info or txt 717-713-0711
  14. B

    Questions about the Rampage XT....

    Hi. I'm considering getting a 1/5 scale truck, the Rampage XT. From what I've been reading on here, it sounds like a pretty good gaser for a great price. I've had a few nitro RC trucks and they're cool(pros and cons of course) What I was wondering is can the Rampage XT wheelie, stock? I've seen...
  15. I

    questions....questions on rampage xt or mt !

    hey guys.....been a reader here for a long time...but just joined a few months ago and now looking for some help/input/info! i own a baja 5bss , have about $2400 invested in it and only ran one tank through to break in the engine (i know......i said break in engine!) so is pretty much new and...
  16. N

    redcat rampage xt xb worth buying or not?

    Hello I have a question for all redcat rampage xt or xb trucks or buggies worth buying ? hows the quility? do they break easy? should I buy or save my money? thanks nitromarc
  17. RAMTech-RC

    Redcat Rampage XT models sneak peak of testing

    Hi folks, we have been testing a new Model for Redcat:
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