1. A

    engine for losi dbxl

    hi all just wanted to know what any ones thoughts on a RCMK engine to go in a losi DBXL? cheers andy
  2. S

    Good to see RCMK making improvements to the car.

    May be his is something ordinary for 5th scales, but it's good to see a manufacturer continuously and prove its components in a car. Looks like that drive shaft dog bone now has a replaceable pin. My car stock equipped driveshaft did not have it. Also the center diff gear looks more lightened...
  3. Paul G

    RCMK XCR-1200 problems!

    Friend of mine bought an XCR. He is constantly sheering pins, breaking axels, clutch bells, you name it. This thing has fallen apart before the first break in tank went through. He has since up graded the clutch housing and bell to one made by Vertigo. No luck there either and is on his second...
  4. S

    new rcmk won't start

    At my wits end Just put a brand new rcmk 29.5 rc300f in my Baja So far I'm getting fuel compression and spark can't even get this thing to fire. My old fuelie30.5 was weak but started everytime. I'm out of ideas anyone have any suggestions?
  5. R

    HSN needle making no difference???

    I have an RCMK CR300F - with a 990 carb that has been modified with 2 bearings on the throttle shaft at either end. The carb is relatively new - was performing fine, I have checked all the gaskets and replaced a couple, checked the hose pipes, but despite all that it seems that the HSN needle...
  6. R

    Need Help with my RCMK XCR-1000

    hey guys my Rcmk has been having a few issues, some that I think some of you might be able to help me with. one of the boots that overs the cvd or dogbone by the wheel keeps getting twisted up and looking stretched out, I can get it back looking normal but it keeps on happening any idea what...
  7. R

    My Rcmk XCR-1000 build

    been in the process of building and running my Xcr-1000 so far I have installed Savox 0236 and 0235 for steering and throttle, Futaba Rx with temp sensor on the motor, didn't do the voltage sensor because there is one built in the r304sb. I don't know where to mount the RPM sensor I bought any...
  8. D

    RCMK XCR-1000 thoughts please

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this car. Looks the business to me... Cheers Dom
  9. B

    detailed review of the RCMK XCR-1000 buggy

    I received this RCMK XCR-1000 buggy from DDM on Friday. And figured I would do a complete and as detailed review as possible. I spent Saturday morning getting it equipped and ready to run. I spent a lot of time taking notes and detailed pics to show a lot of the details that have been hidden...
  10. B

    Crash test dummy. RCMK XCR-1000 arriving tomorrow

    Well I couldn't stand it anymore I just had to do it. Purchased it from DDM and should be here in the morning. I love my 5ives, but I also love the look of my DBXL. But I seem to spend more time fixing it than using it. And I can't count the tons of cash, parts, etc that I have spent on it...
  11. 2

    Rcmk radio tray for dbxl

    I am not sure about the rest of you dbxl owners, but I really don't like the brake/throttle set up on dbxl. Seeing how the dbxl is somewhat a rebrand of the rcmk xcr-1000, I wonder if the radio tray from the rcmk will fit the dbxl to change location of the servo to have less slop in the...
  12. C

    RCMK & CY & Zenoah motors

    I know RCMK is RC Marine Korea. And I know RCMK has been into marine engines since about 2006. And I know the CY motors are better quality than the HY motors. And top of the line and usually most expensive is the Zenoah engines. My questions are: Is the CY and the RCMK Asian clones of the...
  13. dgiracing

    New baja chassi for Twin rcmk cr600fp

    The new chassi design from DGI racing is for the hpi baja and it fits only the twin rcmk cr600fp, The new chassi is wider compere the original and thicker This is the prototype, under test mode, soon in production The twin cr600fp is the same engine like cr600b the difference is the FP model...
  14. dgiracing

    DGI Racing rampage XB 57cc rcmk project

    DGI Racing rampage XB 57cc rcmk project First run Enjoy!!!!
  15. golo-golo

    RCMK CR300B engine

    mate, does any one using the RCMK CR300B engine?Its new design on the flywheel and i'm worry about the over heat problem?
  16. S

    Sold / Found RCMK TWIN 57cc motor

    Here is a brand new never ran or mounted 57cc twin. As you can see it, you will still need a clutch and housing and mounting kit from OBR as well as pipes. $SOLD Thanks
  17. V


    took my new boaat for its maiden run today @ chipping norton lake sydney with Senad and adam , all in all i had a good run only lost one exaust tip,a bit of mist in the radio box and spun the bearings in the drive leg, all fixed now and waiting for next weeks run! big thanks to Adam and Reece...
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